03 May 2010

The rest of the story..

Well if you read the post called 'Sympathetic vs. Empathetic' you know that I have lost more than my fair share of friends in my 21 years.

And the reason I'm continuing the story at this point... because I just heard about an old friend's brother that tried to kill himself in December. I'm so taken back by it, it's just bring back feelings that I had when a friend actually did kill himself. Please forgive me, I just can't remember exactly when it happened.
When J.W. Andes killed himself all I could think is why? Why do people shoot themselves? Did his close friends not notice how low he is? Alcohol was involved the night that he shot himself which is obviously part of the answer to all the questions that I have.
Sorry if this is morbid or too much information- J.W. shot himself in his truck. a few weeks later his sister is driving that truck to school. That part bothers me more than anything, I think. It makes it seem like they just clean it (the situation) up and move on. That's how it's portrayed but I sure hope for his memory that that's not the case!

I think I'll just leave this post just like this. I want to post each memory of each friend on separate posts. I don't want to minimize my memory of anyone. They all have a special part in my life and make me who I am everyday!

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