27 May 2010


We've been planning on coming home for two one week since we left in December. The day has finally come!! We are heading home after we get off work at 4.  Which means today is going to DRAG ON!! But that's okay.. we can't wait to see everyone!
And we will see everyone, just know that there is a lot of "everyone"s so it might not be right away, but we'll see you!

20 May 2010

Thoughtless Thursday- Root Canal

This is what they do during a root canal. That is a filer. They file the sides of the canal to get it cleaned out. It felt weird at first (no pain though)
This is what I would have looked like.. except I would have been asleep :)

I'm going to give my dentist a little free advertising. He is simply the best. Totally worth the trip for you Kansas, if you're looking for a dentist! :P

His name is Dr. Kenneth Spanel, at Regency Dental on Regency Parkway in Omaha, NE.
How many people can say that they were falling asleep during a root canal?
It's been 2 days since the root canal and I still haven't had to take any pain medication!
He is willing to work with my insurance to make sure I get the care I need while still staying within the limits of my insurance.
When I told him I couldn't chew he temporarily fixed my tooth until my root canal (scheduled for a month later due to his busy office!)
He genuinely cares about his patients; always making sure they aren't in pain and that they are comfortable. 
The ladies in the office are great too! Very friendly, always introduce themselves (the first time), and get to know you!
I'll leave it at that.. I can't stop saying enough good things about him!

19 May 2010

Root Canal- CHECK!

Lately I feel like my 'to do list' is a mile long and it's not getting any shorter. But the only thing on it that is stressful was my root canal, but....

I got my first root canal yesterday!!
I didn't get much sleep the night before. When we went to bed I couldn't stop talking even though I was SO tired! I must have tossed and turned alot because I was still pretty tired when I woke up!

Jeremy had stuff going on at work today so my friend, Shannon, took me to my appointment. I didn't know if I was going to be put to sleep or not. I wasn't put to sleep but I was falling asleep! The only thing that was uncomfortable was when he gave me the shot to make me even more numb. Even that didn't hurt. I didn't feel the shot, I felt him turning the syringe in my gum.

I'm not sure if anyone has ever fell asleep while getting a root canal, but that says A LOT about my dentist!! He constantly asks me if I'm in pain. While that could get annoying, it doesn't because I don't want to be in pain either!

Dr. Kenneth Spanel is absolutely AWESOME!! I wasn't even in pain after the numbness wore off! The only time I feel anything is when I yawn! I just can't stop saying enough great things about him!!

I will need a $crown$ next and those usually come 2 weeks after the root canal but that's when we'll be in Kansas so it'll have to wait.

15 May 2010

I can't believe my eyes!!

Well, one thing I do as a cashier is observe! I see so much stuff! Let me share what I saw the other day..

This lady has 3 boys. While I was ringing them out, she didn't seem to have much control over them. They were throwing stuff and running around.

There wasn't anybody behind her in line so I watched them walk outside to their van. She gets the two younger ones into their car seats (neither of them were rear-facing) and the older one (MAYBE 4) gets into the front seat (he didn't just jump up there from the back, he opened the door and got in). This wasn't the most shocking part. What did I see next? He was standing up in the seat and looking at the other two boys as his mom put the car in reverse to drive away!!! This child has NO seat belt on AND he's standing up while she's driving!!!

Let me get this out of the way- I don't have kids. So let me save you some time... "easier said than done", "each child is different" and "you don't know the circumstances". GIVE ME A BREAK!! It takes 10 seconds to pull a seatbelt across your child.

Jeremy has NO idea about kids. He doesn't know that they are supposed to sit rear-facing until they are at least two. He doesn't know the technical stuff. So I inform him when I'm ranting and raving. I told him that our kids will be rear-facing for a LONG time. Normally when I talk about kids, he tells me to "ssshhhh" because that's not what he is thinking about right now in life. But when I talk about how crappy this parenting was or when I talk about rear-facing he just listens and nods. I think he can tell how important this is to me.


13 May 2010

Thoughtless Thursday- Caught Red Handed!

Jeremy and I come home pretty frequently to find Mr. Wallace like this! 
He's such a brat!
 Then he lays his head down... Does he think we can't see him? LOL
He does it when we are home too! It's pretty funny he looks like a furry, slithery animal!

11 May 2010


We're praying for everyone that experienced the tornado in Ark City yesterday!

I hope no one was seriously injured. We saw last night on the news that there were 5 deaths in Oklahoma. Tornados are awesome to watch, but horrible to experience!


08 May 2010

Thoughtless Saturday?!

woops! I totally forgot to post my thoughtless Thursday!
This week has been a change of pace... Jeremy is on day shift now. Don't forget that since I'm such an AWESOME wife.. that I get up with him and make him breakfast! I go back to sleep after he leaves but I think I'm going to stop that. I think it's making me more tired. So I'll just go to bed earlier and stay awake in the mornings.

So here's my Thoughtless Saturday.. but it's not going to be thoughtless

This is my friend Shannon and her daughter, Kenzie. Shannon is a lymphoma cancer survivor. There was a Lymphoma-thon in April and I walked with her. The survivors had their own colored shirts, and the walkers had their own color. It was so sad to see such young kids that had to go through that! Shannon made her own shirt.. it says "Survivor I beat Hodgkins Lymphoma" And her daughters shirt says "My mommy's a survivor"

Her fiance (currently deployed in Afghanistan) works with Jeremy.

Kenzie was very well behaved the whole time!!
We got there around 9 and didn't leave until around 1:30!
This is Benny and 2 of his boys. He works with Jeremy and him and his family also came to support Shannon! One of them had his bike but there was so many people it was hard for him to ride it. Anthony walked most of the time. And Benny Boy slept almost the whole time! I was very impressed with all of the kids. It was lunch time and nap time and they didn't do much complaining!

The lymphoma-thon was on a Saturday. The Monday before the walk UNMC and Channel 6 news contacted Shannon and asked her to tell her story. Soon afterward, she was contacted and asked to walk in the lymphoma-thon. She found out about an even more exciting phone call soon after her story aired. She was told about a contest; They are looking for an inspiring story and the winner receives a $75,000 wedding! The news mentioned that her fiance was in Afghanistan, that's how they knew she is getting married.  I hope that she wins the contest! I will find out when and how to vote. She would really appreciate your votes!

03 May 2010

Soleil 100 Days

Soleil 100 Days: "There are thousands of fun, sharable prizes in the BIC® Soleil® 100 Days of Sunshine promotion. Join now! www.100DaysofSunshine.com"

Kansas City weekend

Lately our weekends have been full of work! Jeremy was working weekends in April and I've been working weekends for months. Since April ended on Friday Jeremy was off work on Saturday and I got lucky and was off work as well! So we took full advantage of that day off!

We went to the Indy car races in Kansas City!

We had a lot of fun! I was cheering for Danica Patrick and #34. Danica Patrick is a role model for all female racers! I think that's why I was cheering for her, because she is a female racer! I think she needs a female pit crew too but that's beside the point!
#34 was the underdog for a long time! I was so sad for him! He was being lapped until everyone went in for a tire change.. then he made it back up to 24th place! I was happy that he didn't have to end the race 5 minutes after everyone else did!

Mother Nature wasn't sure if she wanted to make it cold and windy or warm and sunny so she did both. Fighting the cold wind and then relaxing for 45 seconds while the sun was out wore me out! So we went to the hotel afterward and took a nap! {I LOVE NAPS!}
Then we went to supper at The Cheesecake Factory and I wanted another nap! :) I was full from supper but there was no way I was passing up PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CHEESECAKE!!! And it was delicious!! I didn't/couldn't eat it all so I brought it with me!

Then we had to get up early Sunday morning to come back to Nebraska because I had to work at 11. Darn.. back to work!

Jeremy is back to work today too. And for the first time in 10 months he is working in the morning! He even woke up before his alarm clock!!!

Oh while we were in Kansas City WallE stayed with my friend Shannon. She has an 18 month old and she LOVES WallE! Even if WallE isn't very fond of kids.. they think he is playing when he makes them chase him! I was very sad to leave him. That sounds stupid because it's just a dog but we walked out of the house with our bags and just left him there (she came and got him later). He probably thought we were going home without him! :(
And I didn't get to see him until I got home from work last night at 7:30! He had so many kisses for momma!!  I think that was his first slumber party... he hasn't ever slept without momma!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend also! If you have been working a lot and stressing even more... TAKE A DAY OFF!! Even if you have a weekend, those are usually busy so take an extra, spontaneous day off and enjoy life!
Love you all!!

The rest of the story..

Well if you read the post called 'Sympathetic vs. Empathetic' you know that I have lost more than my fair share of friends in my 21 years.

And the reason I'm continuing the story at this point... because I just heard about an old friend's brother that tried to kill himself in December. I'm so taken back by it, it's just bring back feelings that I had when a friend actually did kill himself. Please forgive me, I just can't remember exactly when it happened.
When J.W. Andes killed himself all I could think is why? Why do people shoot themselves? Did his close friends not notice how low he is? Alcohol was involved the night that he shot himself which is obviously part of the answer to all the questions that I have.
Sorry if this is morbid or too much information- J.W. shot himself in his truck. a few weeks later his sister is driving that truck to school. That part bothers me more than anything, I think. It makes it seem like they just clean it (the situation) up and move on. That's how it's portrayed but I sure hope for his memory that that's not the case!

I think I'll just leave this post just like this. I want to post each memory of each friend on separate posts. I don't want to minimize my memory of anyone. They all have a special part in my life and make me who I am everyday!