07 February 2013


I'm realizing that I need to be blogging and keeping the memories of Richie! So- Richie is still swaddling. He's only slept one night not swaddled and that was in December. I try every once in a while but he only lasts a few hours before I have to go in there and swaddle him.
He still isn't crawling. He's trying and he's so close but still not doing it! He did pull himself up on Sunday (2/3/13). He's been so fun lately! He is so smiley! He had a couple ear infections that was really rough for momma to get through! He didn't have any trouble until it was bed time. He didn't like laying flat because of the pressure. On January 20th he woke up every thirty minutes.. Needless to say the next day at work was really rough!
Starting today were going to start giving him 3 meals a day. We started weaning this week. I don't want to but it's time. He's getting too attached to his momma and I can't even walk to the other side of the room without him crying for me. So we are weaning. I'll miss it but that just means we will have to have another ;)