31 January 2012


Here is all of my 'growing' pictures so far! :) The first one makes me laugh really hard.. what exactly was I taking a picture of?? hehe










I better start taking more pictures!!

29 January 2012

Baby Boy!!

It's a BOY!!!! Jeremy is SO excited! While I don't think that he "thinks" about the baby, I'm sure that he has all these plans of teaching him things (including that Coldwell charm). I tell him that he doesn't think about the baby, what I mean by this is that when I asked him what kind of wood he wanted to nursery furniture to be he looked at me like I told him our baby is a monkey! I also asked if he had been thinking about Godparents for baby and I got the "monkey" look again. I guess it's just on my mind 24/7 because I'm the one walking around with the nausea, the big belly and the "is she fat or is she pregnant" looks that come along with the belly. I can say that I wouldn't trade any of those things for the world. I'm beyond excited about our baby boy on the way!!

When I went to Kansas for Danielle's baby shower, Jeremy was busy in the nursery!

To be honest I was surprised that it isn't burnt orange! We had actually talked about doing a Longhorns themed nursery but Daddy did it in blue so now it's just a blue/sports themed nursery. :) I'm just glad that we're actually moving along the process!

Jeremy has been on C-shift (11pm-7am) for 2 weeks now and just like everyone on C-shift, he is a zombie! He's trying to keep his sleeping schedule the same on the weekend as it is on the weekdays. It's boring for me, but I can't complain because I would be much worse if it were me on C-shift.
This is how it goes around here...

Daddy and WallE sleeping the day away

I went and checked out a couple daycares on Thursday. I had already been to one by my work after my eye exam one day, and yes I was dilated but I don't care for that place. She has been open since '98 and the place was kinda dumpy and it was $189/week. The ones I looked at this week are by our house. One is 2 blocks North and one is 5 blocks South. I went to the one that's 2 blocks away and I love it! Everyone was very nice, I got a tour of the whole building, they are very organized and the location is right on my way to work. The best part is that they have cameras so I can log on and see what the little guy is up to! Which is also nice because I can see that if he is screaming all day, I will be prepared for his mood when I pick him up!
The one that's 6 blocks away stressed me out while I was there. The walls aren't all the way to the ceiling, so if someone is screaming in one classroom, the whole building is going to hear it and that seems really stressful to me. Both of these ones are $135/week, but every time I think about it, I just love the 2-blocks-away daycare more and more.

I'm pretty sure I ruined the secret so I can announce it.... baby boy is being named after his Grandpa.. RICHARD LEE!!!

I reminded Jeremy yesterday that in 2 weeks we will be "mourning" our 3 year mark in NEBRASKA. WOW! THREE years!! That's insane! I say "mourning" it, but we are lucky to have been so close to our family for these past few years, but then again we've been close to them for 20 and 22 years before that! We are keeping our fingers crossed for the opportunity to go somewhere else before his enlistment is up. We'll see how that goes, we only have 2 1/2 years left!

Stay warm everyone (not like that's been very hard this winter)
Talk soon!