22 March 2016

All the funny things Richie says that are in my phone..

I don't think I'm sharing all the funny things that Richie says, that I write down in my phone. I didn't start marking dates on these until recently but they have all been in the past year.

Funny things Richie says:
"Yes ma'am daddy"

He tooted in the bathroom and said "what was that?
I said "That was you"
He said "That was you momma"

Jeremy asked him what does a mouse say and his response was "Oh tootles!"

He was pretending to be sleeping in the car and was "snoring" It was really cute!

When Jeremy asks him if he needs to go potty he pipes up and says "no I'm fine" it's cute for a little kid to say that oh so convincingly.

If he potties in his pants I tell him that he should potty in the toilet and he says "Sorry momma. My fault."

In the car I asked him to put his straw back in his cup and he said "I can't right now".

He dumped out his backpack and there was candy in there. He was telling me about the candy and I asked him where he got it. He said "Lissa" (Elissa). He definitely pulled that out of thin air, because he didn't get candy from my sister!

At church Richard is the music leader so one afternoon we were attempting to let Richie sit with us (first time). He grabbed his hymnal and yelled to Richard "READY!"

Jeremy was trying to get Richie to settle down and do something but Richie just wasn't settling down so Jeremy lightly thumped him on the head. Richie returned the gesture.

After his bath one night he went and got his guitar instead of his PJ's and played the guitar naked

When WallE gets into the trash I yell at him (all I say is WallE!) and Richie replies with "It's fine momma". Thank you son

We were driving by Bone Daddy's to go eat and he pointed at Bone Daddy's (In Grapevine) and said he wanted to eat there. I told him no and he said "Don't tell me no momma."

He hates tags in his shirts and he came to me before school telling me that he has a tag. I said "Who put that there?" "Grandma Karen"

The day before we were taking WallE to the vet and groomer Richie kept saying that WallE was going to get his hand cut off

WallE was whining at me and Richie said "What are you saying? Now go make me a sandwich!"

We are careful about what we watch on TV while Richie is in the room, but the B word came across the TV. Jeremy and I looked at each other with hopeful looks and without missing a beat Richie turned around and said "Rich! That's my name!" Whew! Dodged a bullet!

Richie told Matt that Jessica is beautiful and she said thank you. He swiped his hand in front of him and said "It was nothin"

He told Jeremy that he licks the door like a pineapple. What?!

At a restaurant there was a little bit of sour cream and he thought it was ice cream so we let him think that. He went in face first and took a big lick out of it.

He loves to hide the remote from Jeremy when he gets up from the couch.

On 11-16-15 He read/identified his first word! It popped up on the TV and Wallykazam hadn't read it yet, but Richie said it… Popcorn!

I sent him to bed because we had already read a book on the couch and his lamp was already on in his room. He went up to his room then came back and said "uh mom you forgot to pray."

Richie- Spongebob is coming on next!
Me- You're not watching Spongebob. You've never watched it.
Richie- Yeah! You let me watch it after school, member?
(He's never watched spongebob, especially after school because he would've been TWO!)

We picked Richard and Bobbie up at the airport and Richie was playing "I Spy" with Bobbie in the car. She spied something pink. So instead of guessing my pink shirt and letting her answer yes or no, he kept guessing and said "momma's nipples"

Jeremy told Richie "Let's call my mom and tell her thank you" (for his presents). When she answered he said "Thank you daddy's mom"

Jeremy has taught Richie that when the Star Spangled Banner plays you stop what you're doing and put your hand on your heart. It started playing before a football game and even though he was butt-naked from just getting out of the bath, he stood up and put his hand on his heart. That was quite the scene to walk into the living room to.

We were waiting for our food at Sonic and he was playing around in the car, he saw himself in the rear view mirror and said "Looking good you"

He came up to my room and I asked him if he at all of his lunch. He looked at me and said "I better go now" That's a no!

About a month or two ago we were at a friends house and their 2 1/2 year old doesn't talk real well and he's pretty naughty (tells his parents no, bites Richie). When his dad went to check on them he was doing something naughty and got in trouble. Richie came right to me and told me that Talon wasn't being naughty and set the story straight about what Bruce saw Talon doing. He, as a 3 year old, had enough integrity to tell the truth so that Talon didn't get in trouble for something that he wasn't really doing. That's more integrity than most adults have! Talon wouldn't have done that if the shoe was on the other foot. It made me very proud of him! I hope he continues to have integrity because that will go a long way.

Richie- Are you turning on my movie momma?
Me- Yeah
Richie- You're a genius momma!
Me- What can I say!
Richie- Thank you?
Yes, I suppose I should've said thank you after being called a genius for turning on the T.V.

He was spelling his name…
Try again son…
Try again tomorrow son...

We were in the living room just hanging out one night and he said "Mom smell the room". There's only one reason that a Coldwell boy tells you to smell the room… He wanted me to smell his toot.

He stacked up some eggs and said "Look mom! It's the lean in tower of Cheeza!" (From A Goofy Movie)
They were playing red light, green light at soccer practice and the coach asked what green light means, what red light means and what yellow light means. When answering what yellow light means Richie yelled "GO FASTER!"

On our way to the doctor (OB appt) Richie didn't think that Jeremy was driving to his pull potential. He said "Dad do you want to go to the doctor or not? Then you better get the show on the road! I'm going to block your knock off!"He is constantly telling us how to drive and how to get him… at THREE YEARS OLD! He's a threenager for sure!
He also had his first dentist appointment today! He did great! He didn't like her brushing his teeth but he doesn't like it at home either so I wasn't surprised. For some reason he kept his hands up by his head during the whole appointment.

08 February 2016

Picture update

I've come to the point that my phone won't take any more pictures! I guess 631 is its limit. So I'm emptying my phone!
We went to Bass Pro to see Santa!

Richie and I made a snowman for "Pin the Nose on the Snowman" for the work Christmas party!

I hope this video works, it's Richie singing at church :)
 Singing at church makes a boy tired!

Playing with Popeye on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas! (Actually that game broke today)

We were giggling because Momma and Daddy forgot one of Richie's gifts in the trunk! It was Christmas night and we realized there was no trampoline!

 14 weeks pregnant 12-15-15

He loves playing hopscotch!


18 weeks pregnant

A concert in my living room!

 Snow angels!

Our little angel! 20 weeks (1-28-16)

Daddy has taught Richie that we put our hand on our heart during the National Anthem. He had both hands on it in this picture :)

21 weeks pregnant! :)

21 January 2016

Oscar nominees

Todays American offense is that all the Oscar nominees are white. So black actors and actresses are upset about it. The Oscar nominations are made by filmmakers… 6,000 of them. If 6,000 people got together and said "let's vote for only white people" we would know about it within the hour!

Stacey Dash does talk about how we either integrate or we segregate. She says we need to get rid of BET and the BET awards. I've been saying that since I was a teenager! All of the sudden it's fair that the BET awards only award black people but it's not fair that 6,000 people happened to vote for only white people?!

How many people voted for Obama ONLY BECAUSE he's "black"? A lot. I can promise you that. A friend of mine that's black voted for Obama for that reason and he doesn't believe in anything that Obama does. He didn't bother to look into that though. We thought we would just make history by having a "black" president and everything else would be okay?
I'm putting the work black in quotation marks when I talk about him because he's not only black. Black people don't think it's fair that they are identified as black when they have black and white parents, or mixed parents, if you will. Yet when it comes to situations like this they're black and nothing else matters.

When black people do things everyone is expected to just let it be okay (BET channel), but if white people did the same things there are MAJOR actions taken! The confederate flag can no longer fly on government property because someone got an itch one day and took major action in order to get it down. However, most people don't even know the true meaning behind that flag. They think because it was around during a time of segregation and slavery then it represents segregation and slavery.

We have come a long way from slavery but it hasn't ended yet. There's sex slavery, but I guess that doesn't matter. Human trafficking is slavery. So why do people only care about the times when black people were slaves? I guess the people that are being forced to have sex and not being taken care of don't matter.

Instead America is being offended by something new EVERY SINGLE DAY! We could take this anger and put it somewhere that will do some good. I just read a story about a woman giving birth, had a birth plan all worked out with her doctor but instead she was HELD DOWN on the bed and the baby was being forced (by the nurses hand) to stay in the mom's vagina until the doctor got in the room to catch it. Where's the outrage over that? Where's the outrage over the fact that "Obamacare" has made healthcare unaffordable by everyone? Everyone might be able to attain healthcare, but no one can afford it, unless you're a part of Obamacare.
I have a $5,000 deductible and I'm pregnant. Think about $5,000. We have a family, we have cars, we have bills, and then I have to add a bunch of doctors to my bills. I went to the ER because of severe stomach pain in August. I never got a room, I was treated in the HALLWAY for the entire 6 hours that I was there. I was never offered something to eat. I was never offered a room. I also got NO ANSWERS. They don't know what was hurting me for an hour, yet I had an MRI scan and 3 different doctors came by to "check on me". So I was billed for 3 doctors, I was billed for an MRI, a pregnancy test, a couple other tests and of course taking up space in the hallway. The MRI is through a different "office" in the hospital so I got billed separately for that. So instead of making payments to one office, I'm making payments to 2 offices. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm being billed by 3 offices! Yet… healthcare is affordable.

Let me put this out there…. I DON'T FEEL BAD FOR ACTORS AND ACTRESSES!!! I don't feel bad for any of them. There are exceptions… I would feel bad for an actress and her family if they had a miscarriage or if they were in a car accident and hurt or worse. Without giving it a ton of thought, that's about where my sympathy ends for famous people. They have tons of money, they get to travel all over, they start dating someone and within months they're married (no I don't feel bad for them when they get a divorce) and they are treated like royalty just because they can get behind a camera and act.
The only famous people that get my respect are the ones that do good with their fame and fortune.. Tim Tebow didn't back down from praying on the field when he was told to stop, JJ Watt does a lot with his fame and fortune, and Sandra Bullock is another great example. Famous people that go on Good Morning America and say "I'm not going to the Oscar's because no black people were nominated" are ridiculous and need to get over themselves. The filmmaker with ugly glasses that was on there yesterday is holding a grudge from 1989. Yes, you read that right. Because Driving Miss Daisy was either nominated or won the award instead of his film. GET A LIFE! WHO CARES!! How about you get on there and say that many years ago, black people wouldn't be making films or acting but because of how far this great nation has come you are sitting on that stage, grateful for all the actions taken, by blacks and whites, in order to end slavery and get us to where we are now!

20 January 2016

Getting back on track

We found out in October that we're pregnant!!!! I wanted this for so long! I prayed and prayed and cried and cried about it. Each time I cried, it was followed up by a prayer and each time I was being told "not yet". I knew we had just moved and we were getting situated and there were lots of things that I still wanted to get done around the house/yard so I said "Game on. I'll get all my stuff done and then we'll see if it's time yet." And it was! :) It's amazing what happens when you actually listen to God and follow His plan instead of mine!

For the first trimester I couldn't eat more than what I could fit on my pinky without getting extremely full. I also couldn't stand the smell of food. It was terrible! Which meant I fell off my Trim Healthy Mama eating schedule. Now that I'm feeling better I think it's time to start up again. There is a different way of eating since I am pregnant. However I need to see if this ends my tired spells, or if it's the baby making me tired. Every day after lunch I just get really tired and I can't keep taking naps with a 3 1/2 year old at home. Besides that I know that Jeremy needs to be eating better than what I have been feeding him. 

Today is Wednesday, I'll go to the store tomorrow and then start up on Friday. 

Breakfast- Eggs and sausage (S)
Supper- cheeseburgers (S)

Supper- Cheesy Chicken Quinoa (in my notebook)

Breakfast- Raspberry Lemonade Cake leftovers (E)
Lunch- We won't be home for lunch 
Supper- I'm not sure if we'll be home for supper either

Breakfast- Cinnamon Muffins (pg 262) (S)

Breakfast- Cinnamon Muffins leftovers (S)
Lunch- Taquito leftovers (S) 
Supper-Tomatillo Ranch Chicken with green beans (S)

Breakfast- Yogurt with an apple (E)
Lunch- Tomatillo Ranch chicken Leftovers (S)
Supper- Broccoli and Cheese Soup (S) (page 335)

Breakfast- Yogurt with an apple (E)
Lunch- Broccoli and Cheese Soup leftovers (S)
Supper- Taco Bake (S)

Breakfast- eggs and sausage (S)
Lunch- Taco Bake leftovers (S)
Supper- Brown Rice, Chicken and green beans (E)

Breakfast- Raspberry Lemonade Cake (again) (E)
Supper- Moist Garlic Cheddar Chicken (in my notebook)

Breakfast- Raspberry Lemonade Cake leftovers (E)
Lunch- Tacos (S)

Breakfast- Yogurt with an apple (E)

Breakfast- Eggs and sausage (S)

17 November 2015


Life has been CRAZY, so I'll just jump right in!

On October 9th…. I found out that we're having another baby!!!!! This was a somewhat long journey for us (others have/will wait longer than us). However, God's timing is always perfect! Richie is SO excited to be a big brother and Jeremy is excited to actually experience all of the pregnancy and birth! He's been a big help! I was very nauseous at first but I'm finally getting over that! So far just family and close friends know about the baby. Right now, we only want people to know that are going to pray with us and genuinely care if something happens to the baby.

Shortly after that we went to Texas and Kansas for a couple weeks. That was a good trip and fun to tell everyone about baby #2 but it's always good to be back home!

Some funny things Richie has said lately…
Apparently I scold Jeremy often… Jeremy and Richie were throwing a little football back and forth and then Jeremy decided it would be funny to hit me with it (can you hear me laughing???). When he did, I replied "Jeremy!" and Richie said "Jeremy Bryson!" :) Whoops?! ;)

Jeremy told Richie something the other day and Richie replied with "whatever". Again… I think I have to take the blame on that one!

I need to make note of these more often because he really is a crack up!

I decided to take naps away because it was taking way too long for him to go to sleep at night and during that time he came out of his room with all sorts of things to say… "I have something to tell you. I can't sleep because the baby is making me nervous." Then he went to bed and came back out with the same thing except it was the laundry basket that was making him nervous. I keep telling Jeremy to ignore what he just said and tell him to go back to bed, but he doesn't. Since we've taken naps away it hasn't been such a chore to get him to go to sleep though! Yay!

The rest of this is me ranting/venting so enter with caution…

Recently, Paris was attacked and over 100 people were killed and just as many were injured. ISIS took the blame for this. One of the attackers was Syrian which has Americans on alert because our "President" wants 70,000 Syrian refugees to come to America. Yes, that's frightening but my issue with them coming over here isn't mainly the threat that they "might" impose. It's the fact that America is paying for those people to come here. Don't forget our TRILLIONS of debt! We are paying for their plane tickets and then they get some money for a little while (I can't remember how long, I want to say 3 months). That's an INSANE amount of money!! We have people in our own country, THOUSANDS of people in our own country, that need shelter and food and jobs and homes but we ignore them and offer it to other countries?? Please tell me this isn't real. We aren't just asking hotels to give 70,000 people free food and shelter, those people will need jobs, money and homes. Things that our own citizens need but can't get.

With all of the hesitation from A LOT of people, comes the persecution of Christians. Believe it. Christians are being scrutinized because they don't want the refugees to come here. I would LOVE for anyone to tell me what this has to do with Christians? Is it because we are commanded to love thy neighbor? No one said that we don't love them… we said we have other problems of our own to take care of. I have lots of clothes and canned goods that I would love to send them. I would love to help them, but I can't imagine that many people coming into our country to take jobs, money and homes away from our citizens. It's the SAME reason that people want a wall built to keep Mexicans from coming into our country illegally. Therefore it has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, religion or fear. It has to do with TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN!

There is a meme going around Facebook of a nativity scene that says "That nativity play all the churches put on every Christmas? It's about a middle eastern couple seeking refuge and shelter. Merry Christmas!" Let me stomp that into the ground while I'm here… The nativity scene is NOT ABOUT a middle eastern couple seeking refuge. They weren't scared, they weren't living in fear. They were simply traveling and the Inn was full so they had to find somewhere else to GIVE BIRTH TO A BABY! Yes, they were looking for shelter, that's it. They didn't ask someone to fly them somewhere to have that baby, they didn't hold their hand out for money to give to the owner of the stable in order for them to have their baby there and the baby being born there didn't effect a single person. Also, times were A LOT different then than they are now. So to compare to two circumstances… is like comparing a flower to an apple.

I've also seen someone say that God is a "magical creature" and that they are agnostic. I love this person very much, I'm not here to make fun of them. I'm here to point out that agnostic means "a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claimed neither faith nor disbelief in God." So to say that you are agnostic and then say that you don't believe in a "magical creature" is an oxymoron.
God is totally magical and very amazing. :)

26 September 2015

Random thoughts

I'm sitting here at a restaurant with Richie, watching Tim Tebow (and others) talks about their picks for today. I started thinking about Tebow's career and how people responded to him praying and being so loud about his faith. Many people say "So what? He prays. Big deal. He does it on the field for attention." So what about when the professional football player announced that he is gay. "So what? Lots of people are. He's saying it publicly for the attention." wasn't said. People said that he was a hero (?) and that he was brave. How? Because he was doing/saying something that isn't accepted as okay by the rest of the world? Guess what... Neither is praying, neither is trusting God, neither is doing those things in the publics eye. Guess what? Neither of them are. Be you. Stop commenting about how other people live. Live your life, just like they are.

23 September 2015

Panama City Beach

When I was working, I came home saying "I need a vacation" every day. Not because I didn't like what I did but sometimes life just needs to be put on pause. Since becoming a stay at home mom I don't say it as much but who doesn't want a vacation!
Jeremy has been working so hard for us and I know he needed one. So we finally went! We went to Panama City and stayed at a hotel on the beach. It was soo nice! I was a little worried (okay I was mad at myself) at first because there wasn't anywhere to park when we first got there. I didn't think they would be busy in September, however I forgot about fall break! I was also mad because when we got to our floor it looked like we weren't going to have a room with an ocean view. I was SO mad about that… Until we got to our room. There is a bedroom and a living room so the living room had the ocean view. It was beautiful and I was relieved :)
It was dark when we got there so we saw the moon on the ocean but that's about it. Jeremy told me not to look outside until we were all awake and we could do it together. I was so excited, I woke up at 4:45! I couldn't go back to sleep! So I laid there, checked my email, cruised around on Facebook and finally got up and took a half of a second peek outside. I didn't look at the water, just at the sky. It was REALLY fast, I couldn't even tell you what it looked like. And yes, I admitted this to Jeremy later!

So Richie FINALLY got up at 6:30 and didn't hesitate to wake Jeremy up :) So we went and looked outside. GORGEOUS! The sand was my favorite part! I was excited to go put my feet in it! So we went down and had breakfast then went to walk the shoreline. AMAZING... The sand, the water, the sting ray, the weather, the sun… It was perfect!

We walked a little while then went back to our hotel, got our swimsuits on and went to play in the sand/ocean. It was perfect. Richie was the most excited about the….. POOL! We couldn't get it through to him that the ocean was what we were there for. So we went back and forth between the pool and the ocean. We also went down to the pier. Lots of people were fishing which was kind of annoying to me because I wanted to go to the end and look in the water but we had to keep dodging the hooks flying around.

Then for lunch we went to Dick's Last Resort. That's the place where they aren't there to be nice to you like every other restaurant, they're there to tell you how it is, and it's hilarious! They don't make your food customized. They make it like it says in the menu and if you don't want something on it then pick it off. When I was deciding what I wanted to drink she told me to get my life together! Haha! She toned it down of course, because we had Richie, but it was still hilarious. Then she made us hats… Richie's said "I have skid marks", mine said "I should've swallowed" :(, and Jeremy's said "Big shed, small package". The group at the table near us was feeding it right back to her. She told them to holler whenever they were ready to order, so they did. She yelled back to shut up, they weren't the only people there! One lady said something to her and she told her to Shut up and take her hair back to the eighties!! And she told them that if anyone has any allergies to tell her now because she doesn't give mouth to mouth to males (she was clearly a lesbian). It was so funny!! If you can take a joke and need a good laugh… go there!
They also have a really good alligator appetizer! yuuuum!

Then we went walking around and did a little shopping. Richie and I got souvenir shirts and they had a collegiate store there so we got some Longhorns things!
Then it was nap time! I only took a 20 minute nap, Richie took a 2 hour nap and Jeremy watched football.. typical Sunday at home too!

Then we went to the pool and ocean. I think Richie liked the pool because he could actually swim. We walked out a ways into the ocean but it was still only calf/knee high water (to me and Jeremy). Plus there was Jelly Fish on Sunday so we didn't get too relaxed in the water. Every time a big wave would get water in Richie's mouth he was say "SALT WATER!" They way he said it was priceless.

For supper we went to Dusty's. It was delicious also! There was a long wait so if you ever go there.. go early. I had clams and fried pickles… YUM! And Jeremy had oysters… he said they were good. Richie had shrimp.

Then we went back to the hotel, goofed around for a little bit then sent Richie to bed, and I was soon after him. We were tiiired!

Monday morning we ate breakfast, went for a short stroll on the shoreline then went back to get our suits on for some time in the pool. It was a little chilly but Richie didn't care! Then momma went and got a massage!! The boys went shopping around a little and got some more sand toys. For lunch we went to Shuckums. It was good too. I got a Philly Cheesesteak (not to Jeremy's amusement), he got oysters and Richie got chicken strips.

Then we went to the hotel for nap time. Richie took a good nap and then we went swimming some more. There were lots of places to eat but not enough days so our plan was to go to one place for appetizers, one place for dinner and one place for dessert but we were so full! We weren't even snacking, we were just full from all the delicious food! So we had a Calamari appetizer, Richie had chicken strips and then we went walking. They had a little train running around so we went and found it so Richie could have a ride. They also had bungee cord/trampoline things but it was $10 and Jeremy didn't feel like it was worth it (Richie has done it before) so we just went and got ice cream instead. Then we went to the hotel. It was late at this point.

Tuesday morning we got up and around and went for a boat tour. We searched for dolphins but only saw a few. Then stopped at Shell Island (during the boat tour) and searched for star fish and sand dollars.. two things we hadn't seen yet! We never found any :( Then headed for some lunch at Dat Cajun Place. It was okay. Then headed home. Richie and I crashed for 2 hours in the car. Poor Jeremy! We all had a really good time and we can't wait to go back!! There's lots more that we want to do!
Heading out of town! Jeremy was cracking a sunflower seed lol 
 Someone was on the beach blowing off fireworks. They only did a few though. 

 He went inside because it was too loud. They were right in front of our room.. 
 Such a sweet sleeper :)
Our first time seeing the ocean! Don't mind me.. we just got out of bed lol
 SO pretty!
 Feet in the water :)
 He loved it!
 Do you see the sting ray?

 My boys <3 p="">

 Overload of pictures from our balcony.. 

 Nap time!

 Pool time!

 He loves that daddy!!!
9/21     Looking at his seashells 
 I told him that these little ones are shark teeth :P

 In the midwest we use mulch, in the south we use pine needles, on the coast we use clams!
 I love my family!!!


 I love this man <3 p="">

 There's no telling… 
 Overload of sunset pictures...

 This was while we were waiting for the train… 

 On the train! 
9/22/.… last day            we played frisbee while waiting to get on the boat to go dolphin searching

 Searching for star fish and sand dollars
 Richie gave our "captain" a tip and told him "Here's your sand dollar!"
 Completely wiped out on the way home...