17 November 2015


Life has been CRAZY, so I'll just jump right in!

On October 9th…. I found out that we're having another baby!!!!! This was a somewhat long journey for us (others have/will wait longer than us). However, God's timing is always perfect! Richie is SO excited to be a big brother and Jeremy is excited to actually experience all of the pregnancy and birth! He's been a big help! I was very nauseous at first but I'm finally getting over that! So far just family and close friends know about the baby. Right now, we only want people to know that are going to pray with us and genuinely care if something happens to the baby.

Shortly after that we went to Texas and Kansas for a couple weeks. That was a good trip and fun to tell everyone about baby #2 but it's always good to be back home!

Some funny things Richie has said lately…
Apparently I scold Jeremy often… Jeremy and Richie were throwing a little football back and forth and then Jeremy decided it would be funny to hit me with it (can you hear me laughing???). When he did, I replied "Jeremy!" and Richie said "Jeremy Bryson!" :) Whoops?! ;)

Jeremy told Richie something the other day and Richie replied with "whatever". Again… I think I have to take the blame on that one!

I need to make note of these more often because he really is a crack up!

I decided to take naps away because it was taking way too long for him to go to sleep at night and during that time he came out of his room with all sorts of things to say… "I have something to tell you. I can't sleep because the baby is making me nervous." Then he went to bed and came back out with the same thing except it was the laundry basket that was making him nervous. I keep telling Jeremy to ignore what he just said and tell him to go back to bed, but he doesn't. Since we've taken naps away it hasn't been such a chore to get him to go to sleep though! Yay!

The rest of this is me ranting/venting so enter with caution…

Recently, Paris was attacked and over 100 people were killed and just as many were injured. ISIS took the blame for this. One of the attackers was Syrian which has Americans on alert because our "President" wants 70,000 Syrian refugees to come to America. Yes, that's frightening but my issue with them coming over here isn't mainly the threat that they "might" impose. It's the fact that America is paying for those people to come here. Don't forget our TRILLIONS of debt! We are paying for their plane tickets and then they get some money for a little while (I can't remember how long, I want to say 3 months). That's an INSANE amount of money!! We have people in our own country, THOUSANDS of people in our own country, that need shelter and food and jobs and homes but we ignore them and offer it to other countries?? Please tell me this isn't real. We aren't just asking hotels to give 70,000 people free food and shelter, those people will need jobs, money and homes. Things that our own citizens need but can't get.

With all of the hesitation from A LOT of people, comes the persecution of Christians. Believe it. Christians are being scrutinized because they don't want the refugees to come here. I would LOVE for anyone to tell me what this has to do with Christians? Is it because we are commanded to love thy neighbor? No one said that we don't love them… we said we have other problems of our own to take care of. I have lots of clothes and canned goods that I would love to send them. I would love to help them, but I can't imagine that many people coming into our country to take jobs, money and homes away from our citizens. It's the SAME reason that people want a wall built to keep Mexicans from coming into our country illegally. Therefore it has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, religion or fear. It has to do with TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN!

There is a meme going around Facebook of a nativity scene that says "That nativity play all the churches put on every Christmas? It's about a middle eastern couple seeking refuge and shelter. Merry Christmas!" Let me stomp that into the ground while I'm here… The nativity scene is NOT ABOUT a middle eastern couple seeking refuge. They weren't scared, they weren't living in fear. They were simply traveling and the Inn was full so they had to find somewhere else to GIVE BIRTH TO A BABY! Yes, they were looking for shelter, that's it. They didn't ask someone to fly them somewhere to have that baby, they didn't hold their hand out for money to give to the owner of the stable in order for them to have their baby there and the baby being born there didn't effect a single person. Also, times were A LOT different then than they are now. So to compare to two circumstances… is like comparing a flower to an apple.

I've also seen someone say that God is a "magical creature" and that they are agnostic. I love this person very much, I'm not here to make fun of them. I'm here to point out that agnostic means "a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claimed neither faith nor disbelief in God." So to say that you are agnostic and then say that you don't believe in a "magical creature" is an oxymoron.
God is totally magical and very amazing. :)

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