25 April 2010

Sunday night thoughts

Sorry, I forgot to post Thoughtless Thursday the other day. I worked a long day and went straight to meet up with Jeremy at a friends house to finish watching the NFL draft! While Jeremy thought Colt McCoy was going to get drafted in the 1st pick, he seems to be happy where he ended up!

Nothing exciting is happening around here really. A friend of mine is staying with us [again] for the weekend. Her husband deployed in January and she went home [Indiana] to live while he is gone. When he left they stayed with us for a week because they had to be out of there house on a Tuesday but he didn't deploy until the next Tuesday. He won't be back until later May but she came back early to start working and get the house ready! She was my first friend here and we've been close ever since!

Tuesday morning we are doing inventory at work. Last year I got hired a few days before inventory so I didn't have to attend. In the past they "inventoried" at night after close and would stay until 12 or 1 AM but this year they are doing it in the morning. So I have to be at work at 5:30 AM! I'm a pretty meticulous person so I'm looking forward to it. I was there at 5:45 for Black Friday, so this will be a nice change... not having A LOT of customers in my face!

We're both still working a lot and both still looking forward to vacation!! I still can't believe there are MORE Coldwell's :)
I can't wait to get to see my Dad & Grandparents since I didn't get to see them at Christmas [Christmas gifts are still in my trunk!!] And I can't wait to scream and jump up and down with my newly engaged best friend, Danielle!!!!
We love and miss you ALL!!

20 April 2010

Hard Rock Cafe's Twisted Mac-N-Cheese

I was surfing the 'net this evening and stumbled across a new recipe website. It looks familiar but I don't think I've been on it before. It's called Recipe Lion. I found some good recipes there and wanted to share some with you. Maybe this will be a new thing I start...! Who knows what's going to end up happening on this blog! :)

This first one I found was the All American Snack.. It's like a chex mix type. It's made in the slow-cooker. I'm always looking for recipes so I can use my slow cooker!!! I don't think I've used it yet and we've been married for a year and a half! Sheesh!

Now I'll tell share the breakfasts that I found. For some reason I love making breakfast. When Jeremy was on day shift (a long long looooong time ago) I got up with him (remember this is 5:30 am!) and made him breakfast.. usually it was just eggs but it still saved him time and he got to eat breakfast. When we have visitors [Hey! That's you!] I feel like I think ahead of time about breakfast but then lunches and suppers are up in the air! [sorry about that by the way]
Okay I'm done rambling, here is the Low-Fat Pineapple French Toast recipe! Sounds good and has inspired me to try pineapple pancakes!

The Baked Apple Upside-Down French Toast sounds good too! This one is an overnight recipe... mix everything together and let it sit in the fridge, then in the morning put it in the oven. That would be a fun one to do with company!

I found some supper recipes too. We like to eat supper once in a while!
The Amish Six-Layer Dinner is full of flavors which is how it caught my eye. peppers, potatoes, hamburger... yum!
Another one is Bacon Cheeseburger Upside-Down Pizza! Sounds like a lot and it is! But I think it would be really good (even if neither of us like tomatoes)!

And the one I'm most anxious to try is the Hard Rock Cafe's Twisted Mac-N-Cheese!  I LOVE my grandma's homemade Mac-N-Cheese. So hopefully this can meet up to that! I think I'm pretty excited about the Cayenne pepper in there, that will give it a good taste!

If you try any of these, let me know how it turns out!!

15 April 2010

Thoughtless Thursday- Mustache March

This is Almost Thoughtless Thursday :)

In March all of POL (Jeremy's job) grows mustaches. I call him Ron Burgandy!
I hated his mustache, and by the look on WallE's face... so does he!


I found this quote today and I love it. It's screaming out to me tonight...

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."~MLK

..not because I'm lost in my faith either, because I'm growing because of it!

10 April 2010

Oh really??

Ooh today was an interesting day at work!
I wasn't a cashier today, I worked in apparel. But since it's my "home" I spend a lot of time up front making sure the cashiers are doing okay, or being a back-up cashier if they need it. At this particular time I was putting sensor tags and hangers are clothes that were returned and Amanda asked me if we accept this certain coupon. [There is a couple coupons on the internet that people print off that someone scanned and changed the expiration date and posted all over the internet] I told her that that's the one that we aren't accepting and she said that she didn't know how to tell the lady so I told her that it isn't a valid coupon and that Dick's doesn't have any coupons on the internet. The only way to get our coupons is through the Scorecard.
Right then I knew she was going to throw a fit. And she did! She blew up and asked for a manager. So we called a manager up front and he too, explained that it's an invalid coupon. She asked how consumers are supposed to know that. Flip (the manager) asked her how she wanted us to publicize it, if she wanted us to post it on KETV (news station up here).
While that part was probably not needed, it's the harsh truth. All that lady had to do was think about it before printing it.. you didn't get it from Dick's website so we might not accept it! She then told Flip that she was going to call corporate and tell them how rude him and Amanda were. [Remember her? The cashier that didn't know how to tell the customer, so I did...] Somewhere, somehow Amanda was rude!
While we're 100% sure that corporate isn't going to tell her to go ahead and go back in and use it, nor are they going to get mad at us for following the rules on the email that they sent out about invalid coupons. But I told Flip that IF they do get in trouble to get me in trouble and not Amanda, because she didn't say a word.

Sheesh! The things I come across every day as a cashier are crazy! I never thought in my whole life I would have to defend why I can't use an apparel coupon on a pair of shoes [happens on a daily basis!]. The customer saving $10 isn't worth my job.

Oh and while I'm here I am going to mention military discounts. Yikes!! I understand that an advantage of being in the military (or married to it) is the military discounts. We get asked at least once a day if we have a military discount. We don't. The rudest response I've gotten was when this guy just looked at me and shook his head. What?! Why are you shaking your head? There is a picture on your way out the door of Mr. Dick Stack himself if you would like to shake your head at him. I don't make the rules, I follow them. Are you shaking your head at me because you think I don't support the military? HA! Dream on! Not sleeping with my husband at night reminds me every morning how much I support the military. Seeing a flag flying or waving in the wind and getting chills down my spine reminds me how much I support the military.
So I've decided that I'm not going to accept people shaking their head at me. I'm going to ask them why they are shaking their head at me, or why they are mad at me. That I would be happy to give them corporates email address if they would like to email them and be mad at them. There is no reason to be mad at a minimum wage-paid cashier because you want to get 10% off your $10 purchase.
99% of the people that ask if we have a military discount don't have and don't want a Scorecard even after being told that that's the only way to get our discounts. I don't understand that. Are you too good for them?

I just take a lot of belittling as a cashier and probably won't stand for it anymore. Some people [most Nebraskans] need to get off their high horse!
:) Have a good day!

Prayer requests:
My brother, Donald, serving in Iraq.
Anyone [family, friend, or stanger] that needs their spirits lifted.

09 April 2010

ONE ingredient ice cream???

I found something that might be really useful for the parents in our family, or the babysitting grandparents ;)

It's one ingredient ice cream! Any guesses on what that ingredient is?

All you do is:
(1) peel the banana
(2) cut it into bite-size pieces
(3) Freeze the banana pieces in a single layer for 1-2 hours (or up to overnight, just let them defrost in the fridge or on the counter to be soft enough to pulverize in the food processor)
(4) Place banana pieces in a bowl of a food processor or blender and pulse until the texture is smooth and creamy, scraping down the sides if necessary. If mixing add-ins, mix by hand or pulse.
(5) Serve using an ice cream scoop. If using, top with add-ins. Store remaining ice cream in an airtight container in the freezer

You can add anything you'd like! They say it tastes just like ice cream!
Hm! Thanks Cherry Blossoms' blog!

07 April 2010

Thoughtless Thursday- suckerrrr!

 WallE's first sucker!
 It was Mango flavored
Not too bad, he decided!

Oh, and you have got to read Jennifer's Motherhood Monday post! HALARIOUS!!

As many of you know..

My whole high school career was focused on my role if our high school's FFA program. I was very involved in it. It changed me alot! While there are many city rivals in sports, there are chapter rivals in FFA. Winfield and Ark City are sport rivals but they were inseparable when it comes to practicing and preparing to compete against each other in FFA. In the end, we are all there with one goal... to Learn, Lead and Succeed!

I have met SO many people through this national organization! One person I didn't meet is Philip Caler, from the Booker, TX chapter. However his story has me captured.
At the National FFA Organization's national convention in Indianapolis, IN Phillip and his FFA chapter were at one of the mall's in town when he fell/tripped from the 2nd story to (40 feet later) the first story (inside). This happened in the last week in October. It's April 7th and he is still in a coma with a very minimal increase in change.
I just encourage you to read about what him and his family have gone through and please pray for them. I go to the school districts website often to read up on how he is doing. I know that God is taking his time with Phillip, and even a little bit of time is all they can ask for!
The last post says to go to Facebook to read up on him because his pastor posts his updates so here is the link to that.
Thank you for your prayers!

03 April 2010

drowsy rambling

I am tired today/tonight. We were very busy at work!

Jeremy is on weekends this month... 3-11 PM Sat-Wed.

This has ended up being a conversation with me and my brother, Chris and me and my dad tonight... How do you feel about the funeral protesters? No need to argue or anything, just wondering!

I'll spill my beans. I've said this since the day my brothers joined the Army... it's worth 25 to life. Then again there are the Freedom Riders. They are so awesome and deserve every bit of attention!! I think they are the answer to many many prayers! Now we just need to have them in every state so stories like Albert Snyder's.

HAPPY EASTER FAMILY!!! We love you all and wish we could be home this weekend! Are you having Fried Chicken at Bucka's? I think Jeremy would appreciate it if you all ate a piece for him!

02 April 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy GOOD FRIDAY, family!!

For this post I want everyone to share what they are grateful for! ..at least one thing!

I'll start! I'm grateful for all that the Lord has done for me- past, present and future. But more specifically here lately. I have a job lead!! I just prayed for a simple job search because I am unhappy at my current job, but I didn't want to take a job that somebody else needed more than I, because I do have a job.
I had a job interview on Tuesday and she said that she thinks I would make a great assistant! Unfortunately she has to let somebody go for the position to be open to me. But it's not like they are firing somebody so that they can bring someone else, with no skills and has to get more certification, in to work for them instead. So I'm really excited to begin! (KNOCK ON WOOD!!) She said that she isn't sure when they are letting that person go, but since she has my email (we were emailing back and forth before the interview) she said she would be in touch!
At first she told me that it was a downfall because I had no experience and I wasn't fluent in dental terminology and that I'm not x-ray certified. Then she said it would be no problem to train me and that I can go to school and get certified while working there and I told her that I would study hard to learn terminology!
Thank you for all your prayers!!
Don't forget to tell me something that you are grateful for!!