07 April 2010

As many of you know..

My whole high school career was focused on my role if our high school's FFA program. I was very involved in it. It changed me alot! While there are many city rivals in sports, there are chapter rivals in FFA. Winfield and Ark City are sport rivals but they were inseparable when it comes to practicing and preparing to compete against each other in FFA. In the end, we are all there with one goal... to Learn, Lead and Succeed!

I have met SO many people through this national organization! One person I didn't meet is Philip Caler, from the Booker, TX chapter. However his story has me captured.
At the National FFA Organization's national convention in Indianapolis, IN Phillip and his FFA chapter were at one of the mall's in town when he fell/tripped from the 2nd story to (40 feet later) the first story (inside). This happened in the last week in October. It's April 7th and he is still in a coma with a very minimal increase in change.
I just encourage you to read about what him and his family have gone through and please pray for them. I go to the school districts website often to read up on how he is doing. I know that God is taking his time with Phillip, and even a little bit of time is all they can ask for!
The last post says to go to Facebook to read up on him because his pastor posts his updates so here is the link to that.
Thank you for your prayers!

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