10 April 2010

Oh really??

Ooh today was an interesting day at work!
I wasn't a cashier today, I worked in apparel. But since it's my "home" I spend a lot of time up front making sure the cashiers are doing okay, or being a back-up cashier if they need it. At this particular time I was putting sensor tags and hangers are clothes that were returned and Amanda asked me if we accept this certain coupon. [There is a couple coupons on the internet that people print off that someone scanned and changed the expiration date and posted all over the internet] I told her that that's the one that we aren't accepting and she said that she didn't know how to tell the lady so I told her that it isn't a valid coupon and that Dick's doesn't have any coupons on the internet. The only way to get our coupons is through the Scorecard.
Right then I knew she was going to throw a fit. And she did! She blew up and asked for a manager. So we called a manager up front and he too, explained that it's an invalid coupon. She asked how consumers are supposed to know that. Flip (the manager) asked her how she wanted us to publicize it, if she wanted us to post it on KETV (news station up here).
While that part was probably not needed, it's the harsh truth. All that lady had to do was think about it before printing it.. you didn't get it from Dick's website so we might not accept it! She then told Flip that she was going to call corporate and tell them how rude him and Amanda were. [Remember her? The cashier that didn't know how to tell the customer, so I did...] Somewhere, somehow Amanda was rude!
While we're 100% sure that corporate isn't going to tell her to go ahead and go back in and use it, nor are they going to get mad at us for following the rules on the email that they sent out about invalid coupons. But I told Flip that IF they do get in trouble to get me in trouble and not Amanda, because she didn't say a word.

Sheesh! The things I come across every day as a cashier are crazy! I never thought in my whole life I would have to defend why I can't use an apparel coupon on a pair of shoes [happens on a daily basis!]. The customer saving $10 isn't worth my job.

Oh and while I'm here I am going to mention military discounts. Yikes!! I understand that an advantage of being in the military (or married to it) is the military discounts. We get asked at least once a day if we have a military discount. We don't. The rudest response I've gotten was when this guy just looked at me and shook his head. What?! Why are you shaking your head? There is a picture on your way out the door of Mr. Dick Stack himself if you would like to shake your head at him. I don't make the rules, I follow them. Are you shaking your head at me because you think I don't support the military? HA! Dream on! Not sleeping with my husband at night reminds me every morning how much I support the military. Seeing a flag flying or waving in the wind and getting chills down my spine reminds me how much I support the military.
So I've decided that I'm not going to accept people shaking their head at me. I'm going to ask them why they are shaking their head at me, or why they are mad at me. That I would be happy to give them corporates email address if they would like to email them and be mad at them. There is no reason to be mad at a minimum wage-paid cashier because you want to get 10% off your $10 purchase.
99% of the people that ask if we have a military discount don't have and don't want a Scorecard even after being told that that's the only way to get our discounts. I don't understand that. Are you too good for them?

I just take a lot of belittling as a cashier and probably won't stand for it anymore. Some people [most Nebraskans] need to get off their high horse!
:) Have a good day!

Prayer requests:
My brother, Donald, serving in Iraq.
Anyone [family, friend, or stanger] that needs their spirits lifted.

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