02 April 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy GOOD FRIDAY, family!!

For this post I want everyone to share what they are grateful for! ..at least one thing!

I'll start! I'm grateful for all that the Lord has done for me- past, present and future. But more specifically here lately. I have a job lead!! I just prayed for a simple job search because I am unhappy at my current job, but I didn't want to take a job that somebody else needed more than I, because I do have a job.
I had a job interview on Tuesday and she said that she thinks I would make a great assistant! Unfortunately she has to let somebody go for the position to be open to me. But it's not like they are firing somebody so that they can bring someone else, with no skills and has to get more certification, in to work for them instead. So I'm really excited to begin! (KNOCK ON WOOD!!) She said that she isn't sure when they are letting that person go, but since she has my email (we were emailing back and forth before the interview) she said she would be in touch!
At first she told me that it was a downfall because I had no experience and I wasn't fluent in dental terminology and that I'm not x-ray certified. Then she said it would be no problem to train me and that I can go to school and get certified while working there and I told her that I would study hard to learn terminology!
Thank you for all your prayers!!
Don't forget to tell me something that you are grateful for!!

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