24 February 2014

24 Feb 2014

I don't want to forget the cute things that Richie is doing, so they're just going to be little posts on here.

Today he hit me with his broom and I said "Hey that wasn't very nice!" And in the sweetest little lispy voice he says "Thorry" "Of course it's okay baby" LOL

We were watching Mulan today and he was drinking out of my water bottle, then "spit" in it like daddy does.

After he ate hardly any breakfast, he signed/said "done!" and then said "WaallEE" (to give WallE his plate with his leftover food)

He was eating (French Toast) goldfish and he was walking with some in his hand, of course WallE was at his feet wanting some and he kept saying "no. no. no." Then walked over to Bobbie, acting like he was going to give her some and as soon as she opened her mouth he pulled his hand back and said "no!"

His teacher compliment him every day (at the gym).. "He's so mature for his age." "He's so cute." "If we had more Richie's then things would be great." "I love that he knows sign language"

He has a little cardboard alphabet book that has something to represent that letter. We started reading it when he first started potty training, to get him to sit on the potty and be somewhat distracted. Well we hadn't read it in a long time because he sits on the potty then goes and gets down. We read it tonight and he knew 3/4 of the "things".
A is for? Nana! (banana)
B is for? Nana!
C is for? Carrot
D is for? rawr! (dragon)
E is for? "elephant noise" (elephant)
F is for? Fishy!
G is for? "Gaffe" (giraffe)
H is for? Hen (really surprised that he knew that one)
I is for? (he didn't know that one)
J is for? "J" (jam)
K is for? "boingy boingy boingy" (Kangaroo)
L is for? "pop!" (lollipop)
M is for? "toe" (mosquito)
N is for? (didn't know that one, but did after we read the book a few times)
O is for? at first it was "apple" cause that's what he calls them when he sees them on the counter, then he started saying orange
P is for? didnt know that one
Q is for? didn't know that one
R is for? robot
S is for? *crawls his fingers on my hand* (spider)
T is for? choo choo!
U is for? "lella" (umbrella)
V is for? didn't know that one
W is for? sorta knew that one
X is for? "phone" (xylophone)
Y is for? yo yo!
Z is for? zebra!

I'm so proud of him :)

Going on in his life... he loves broccoli, peas, carrots, corn, cauliflower (sometimes)... all sorts of veggies! :)

He started not sleeping well when he started potty training- waking up in the middle of the night, wanting me. I used to be able to shoosh him back to sleep but that wasn't working. So I'd have to get up every single night and go in there and sleep. So I thought I'd just go to sleep in there and then get him out of the habit of waking up. That didn't work. So now I'm not even laying down in bed with him. We read a few books by night light then turn it off and he goes to sleep. It has been taking less than 10 minutes between "The End" and the snoring! And then I get up and walk out! When he wakes up I go in there, sit in the chair, get him back to sleep and walk out. It's going to be tiring at first but I'm hoping that it works out.

When he "accidentally" hangs up when we're Facetiming Daddy, Jeremy will call back and Richie will say "Thorry" It's just the sweetest thing ever and you can see on Jeremy's face that he just melts. Right now, Richie can do no wrong in Jeremy's eyes :)     That might change after a week or so of being back home ;)

He loves loves loves to be outside. He cries when I make him come inside. Even if it's to walk through the house to go from the back of the house, to the front! :P

When his Bob Bob is around, I'm chopped liver. He loves her so so much! He goes running for her, squealing when she gets home from work :)

He carries his daddy doll around a lot. He sleeps with it. He hugs and kisses it. At first he didn't much care for it, would play with it for a minute. But now he loves it!

I think that'll catch me up to the now. He's such a sweet boy and I am so blessed. He can definitely be a handful at times but I love him with my whole being.