19 February 2011

Don't say the DP word!

I can't believe February is almost over!
And guess how many Diet Pepsi's Jeremy has had in 2011?! ONE!! So whenever anyone is about to say those two words I stop them so he doesn't relapse :)

Yesterday I had to say "see ya later" to one of the most incredible people I've ever met. My co-worker Jesi is moving to Hawaii! Although I'm SO excited for her (and quite envious) I'm going to miss her!! She has a great personality and a contagious smile. In the 6 months that I worked with her, we've developed MANY inside jokes. She is going to be missed!

We had a great Valentine's Day! Jeremy had a dozen roses delivered to me at work. Then we watched our friends kids so they could go to dinner. This was their first Valentine's Day as a married couple and they didn't get to celebrate last year since he was deployed. We don't like the crowd, so we planned on staying home anyways. Preston and Chick made it a little bit more interesting than it would have been. :)

During this crazy winter weather I managed to break my car. I was going down our street, trying to take the curve and I ended up ontop of a snowbank. My car started making a really weird noise, immediately, so I turned it off while I called Jeremy. Then I walked back home to get the snow shovel and dug myself out right as he was pulling up to rescue me. As the week went on, my power steering worked less and less. Now I have no power steering and my muscles are growing! It's a big chunk of change to fix it so I've decided that no power steering isn't all that bad!
Maybe I'll just get rid of this car and get my Equinox :)

Happy February!