01 January 2011

Welcome 2011

2011 has finally made its way!
First we should recap December.. We left for Kansas on the 23rd after work, only to arrive at an empty house! Richard and Bobbie are moving to Texas and we are SO excited to go visit them!
Christmas Eve we went and visited the Skibbe's then went to Sherry's/Grandpa's for supper. We enjoyed the family time there and couldn't believe how big Mr. Kolby is getting!!
Then on Christmas morning we went to Bucka's to have Christmas with Richard and Bobbie. The Berg's and Courtney came over too and we had a good time! Then we ran out the door to get to Aunt Lori's house to have Christmas with The Dunbar's! We were only able to stay there for a couple hours before we had to head back to Ark City for Christmas with the Coldwell's. Dirty Santa wasn't as dirty as it was in the past but the fish was there and everyone knew it! Aunt Robin got it!
Christmas was cut short, however, because Jeremy got sick. Luckily it was just a 24 hour thing and he was back to normal the next day (well, as normal as he gets!).
Sunday we hung around the house for a while before going to Bucka's for leftovers! I'll admit it... they weren't so bad.  Then Richard and Bobbie headed down to Texas so we ran around seeing people before heading to Wendi's house to have Christmas with my mom and the girls. We had fun there but weren't there long either because we were staying the night with Luke and Janet. Then Monday everyone had to work so we headed to Augusta to see The Howards then headed back to Nebraska. We had a good trip but with Jeremy getting sick he was ready to just be home.

Now time to get ready for 2011!! I'm not making any resolutions, just wanting to better myself. I know I won't hold up to my resolution so it's silly to set myself up to fail...
I want to be more helpful this year. I would like to donate to food banks, smile someone that looks like they could use a smile and continue my education.
I did tell Jeremy that if his resolution would be to quit chewing then I would quit eating candy... that didn't go very far!

Another goal for this year for me is to get pregnant. Lately I've convinced myself that I'm not in any hurry but if we get some bills paid off, then why not. 
WallE is still as cute as ever! :)

Jeremy is hoping to get deployed this year. I won't mind as long as every room has curtains. Also my family has to promise to come visit often!

I hope that everyone has a very safe and healthy 2011! I have a feeling that it is going to be a very great year! :)