25 March 2014

Potty Training

I thought I'd talk about how I potty trained Richie.. then when people ask for tips I don't have to write a huge "comment"…

Being a momma's boy he follows me everywhere, including the bathroom. I had never put him on the potty or anything but he knows what I'm doing.
When we got back from Kansas after the New Year, he was sick. As soon as he was over the sickness he went in the bathroom with his Bob Bob and said "potty". So I said let's do it! We started potty training that next day. I made a sticker chart, got stickers at Wal Mart (you can get 500+ for $2) and M&Ms. I put him on the potty and we waited. To distract him we played with shapes (after a while that got old and he started throwing them- time to find a new distraction!!). I only let him sit on there for 20 minutes. Then he put undies on. I took him every 30 minutes. It obviously takes a lot of time and patience.
I had to learn from him first- I had to learn how often he needed to go. I learned that if he carries a drink around with him all day, it's harder to train. I made him ask for a drink in order to have it more controlled instead of having a drink every time he saw his cup.
My phone has an elapsed time alarm on it so I set it to go off every 30 minutes. If he was going every 20 minutes, I changed to time on my alarm. Be prepared to do a lot of laundry.
I didn't let Richie pick out his undies because at that point he had no particular interests (18 months). So I just grabbed some. He liked the stickers, and of course loved the M&Ms. I gave him the M&M while he was on the potty whether he went or not and I told him good job sitting on the potty or good job going potty.
After a month, I didn't really feel like we were getting anywhere quickly. I'm also pretty impatient. I felt like we were at a standstill.. every time he sat on it he wouldn't go, but then he would go in his undies. So I started turning on the water in the sink or tub… that always makes me have to go! As soon as he went I would tell praise him. I was trying to make him understand the process. It didn't take long to break him of this, and he was going in the potty.

He still wasn't telling me when he had to go, I just had to get lucky that he was holding it when I set him on the potty. So when he would go potty I would ask him if he went potty, and really tried to teach him what to do to tell me that he had to go. I never made him feel bad for peeing his pants, instead I said "Oh no! You peed your pants. You're supposed to go potty in the toilet remember?" He got to the point where he would say "oh no" when he saw his undies.

It doesn't happen overnight. When I see blogs that say "How to potty train in 3 days" I roll my eyes. Yeah, for the 3 year old that you've tried to potty train FOUR times!! Richie and I have been potty training since January 4th. He doesn't always tell me when he has to go but he's doing really really well! Especially for not even being 2!

I have to say, when I saw a difference was him understanding the difference between a diaper and undies. Another HUGE difference was when I would keep him in his diaper a little while after he woke up. It takes the pressure off and gives him time to tell me when he has to go. Plus he never went right when he woke up anyways because he probably just went in his diaper when he woke up.
I think it's also important to just potty train during "awake" hours. If they're sleeping, let them sleep and wear a diaper. Work on sleeping in undies after the awake potty training has been learned.

GOOD LUCK! Keep your patience!!

This kid….

Richie has been fighting off something for a couple weeks now. We went to the doctor on Wednesday the 12th for what I thought was a double ear-infection. It turned out to be a sinus infection, she put us on the same antibiotics that he's been on before for an ear infection but they didn't quite get the job done this time. On Monday the 17th he kept BMing. I wouldn't call it diarrhea, but he couldn't hold it and he went about 5 times that day. Tuesday he was better, we just stayed home. Wednesday I decided we could go to the gym since it had been 24 hours. Thursday it was the same thing. Saturday he was good until about 6 and he was doing the same thing, it lasted into Sunday (we didn't go to church for this reason) and then around 4:00 he started BMing every 20 minutes, he had a SEVERE diaper rash. We had to hold his legs so that I could wipe his hiney because he was screaming and kicking. I finally just took him to the ER. I didn't know what was wrong with him and he was going to be miserable BMing every 20 minutes and not getting any sleep (or worse: having poop in his diaper all night and making the diaper rash worse). We waited for 2 1/2 hours to be called back, then another 30 minutes to be seen by the doctor, then another 30 minutes to get our orders so we could leave. (Worst hospital I've ever been to) So I tried to get the Rx diaper rash cream filled… no where carries it. It's just a higher dosage of Zinc Oxide than what is found on the shelf (shelf- 11%, Rx- 51%). The tubs of diaper rash cream are 40% so I got that and called it good. He said to just let the diarrhea run its course. Monday I called his doctor for something else for his sinus infection, she called it in and if it's not better in 2 days we have to go in (I requested to not have to go in this time since he has diarrhea). Well today is day 2 and there isn't much improvement, so we'll see by the end of the day. His diaper rash is getting better, and he's BMing every few hours so all in all he's getting better.

Funny Richie time!
When we go upstairs to talk to Popeye and he's on the phone I say "sssshhhhh Popeye's on the phone" and we go back downstairs. Well yesterday at supper, Popeye got his phone out of his pocket to look at it and Bobbie was talking so Richie told her "ssssshhhhhh". It was SO funny!

This morning when he woke up he stood up and looked out the window and was just talking about the choo choo's and the cars and trucks. So mommy got to at least lay in bed and get a little bit of extra rest before wrestling with him all day.

When the puppies (Kallie and WallE) come in from going potty, they get a treat. Sometimes we hand it to them, sometimes we throw it so they can chase it. Well Richie has caught on to that and he's started throwing it for them. He always offers it to Kallie first, then makes WallE work for it. Yesterday he was spinning in circles making WallE chase him, instead of the usual chasing around the house. I caught it on video, maybe I'll be able to figure out how to upload videos…

I think that's all for now. It's all homework and hanging out today!

17 March 2014

cute and rotten

I think I have the cutest, most rotten little boy EVER!
On Friday (March 14th) Richie was being ROTTEN! He was just being naughty that day, not listening, telling me "no" all day. He was standing up in the kitchen chair and I told him to sit down, Richie-"no"
Me- "sit down or I'm going to spank your hiney"
him- "no"
So I spanked him and he didn't skip a beat, he got down off the chair after he pouted his lip, came up and spanked me on the hiney! It was SOO funny! I couldn't help but laugh! I won't next time, but this time I was so caught off guard that it couldn't be helped!

Earlier that morning I was sweeping the floor, preparing for company, and he was at the table eating (staying out of my way) and I hit his chair with the broom, on accident. He said "Sorry. Sorry." It was SO sweet :)

This weekend the Turners came down and he loved hanging out with the boys! He was best buds with them. We went to the trampoline park- he wasn't a huge fan of it. He had fun when he was on his hands and knees and I just bent my knees and bounced really fast and when I had him in my arms and we ran the length of the park. He laughed at that. Otherwise he just walked on the solid parts in between the trampolines.

The poor boy is around his Bob Bob and momma so much that when I pull out clothing that's more than just a plain color, he says "cute cute cute". It's so cute cute cute!

He loves animals except when they're live. He loves looking at books of animals and he can identify a cow, sheep, horse, puppy, kitty, elephant…. but when he has the chance to pet them, he gets scared.
We went to the circus last monday and first was the horse ride- he didn't want to get too close. Then the elephant rides- he didn't want to even think about getting close. Then we saw a llama- he was going to pet it but it started moving its head around. He did pet the donkey.
Also at the circus they had motorcycles and just like animals, he loves "cycles". He plays with his motorcycle EVERY single day. EVERY. So anyways at the circus, first there was 1 motorcycle riding the in the cage and he was okay with that. Then there was 2- eh, he's still doing okay. Then when the third one came out, he was grabbing Bobbie because he was scared. I'm sure it was the noise, not the thought that 3 motorcycles in the cage is INSANE.

I love the way he talks- most of the time… blankey= kankey
drink sounds like juice
movie= boobie. Wish I was kidding. Hopefully he doesn't say "movie" when he's at church or at daycare at the gym… that would be awkward!

He loves giving hugs. He gives me hugs when he's eating, when he's playing, when he's sitting on the potty, when he's going to sleep. :)
He likes to trick people also. It started with his daddy on FaceTime. Jeremy called one day during lunch and Richie likes to feed daddy, well he went to feed daddy some veggies and yanked it back real quick and laughed so hard. So then he kept doing it and loved that it was making us laugh. So he does that with food, hugs, kisses and anything he can think of! If it will make us laugh- he will do it :) Like I said… CUTE and ROTTEN!