25 March 2014

This kid….

Richie has been fighting off something for a couple weeks now. We went to the doctor on Wednesday the 12th for what I thought was a double ear-infection. It turned out to be a sinus infection, she put us on the same antibiotics that he's been on before for an ear infection but they didn't quite get the job done this time. On Monday the 17th he kept BMing. I wouldn't call it diarrhea, but he couldn't hold it and he went about 5 times that day. Tuesday he was better, we just stayed home. Wednesday I decided we could go to the gym since it had been 24 hours. Thursday it was the same thing. Saturday he was good until about 6 and he was doing the same thing, it lasted into Sunday (we didn't go to church for this reason) and then around 4:00 he started BMing every 20 minutes, he had a SEVERE diaper rash. We had to hold his legs so that I could wipe his hiney because he was screaming and kicking. I finally just took him to the ER. I didn't know what was wrong with him and he was going to be miserable BMing every 20 minutes and not getting any sleep (or worse: having poop in his diaper all night and making the diaper rash worse). We waited for 2 1/2 hours to be called back, then another 30 minutes to be seen by the doctor, then another 30 minutes to get our orders so we could leave. (Worst hospital I've ever been to) So I tried to get the Rx diaper rash cream filled… no where carries it. It's just a higher dosage of Zinc Oxide than what is found on the shelf (shelf- 11%, Rx- 51%). The tubs of diaper rash cream are 40% so I got that and called it good. He said to just let the diarrhea run its course. Monday I called his doctor for something else for his sinus infection, she called it in and if it's not better in 2 days we have to go in (I requested to not have to go in this time since he has diarrhea). Well today is day 2 and there isn't much improvement, so we'll see by the end of the day. His diaper rash is getting better, and he's BMing every few hours so all in all he's getting better.

Funny Richie time!
When we go upstairs to talk to Popeye and he's on the phone I say "sssshhhhh Popeye's on the phone" and we go back downstairs. Well yesterday at supper, Popeye got his phone out of his pocket to look at it and Bobbie was talking so Richie told her "ssssshhhhhh". It was SO funny!

This morning when he woke up he stood up and looked out the window and was just talking about the choo choo's and the cars and trucks. So mommy got to at least lay in bed and get a little bit of extra rest before wrestling with him all day.

When the puppies (Kallie and WallE) come in from going potty, they get a treat. Sometimes we hand it to them, sometimes we throw it so they can chase it. Well Richie has caught on to that and he's started throwing it for them. He always offers it to Kallie first, then makes WallE work for it. Yesterday he was spinning in circles making WallE chase him, instead of the usual chasing around the house. I caught it on video, maybe I'll be able to figure out how to upload videos…

I think that's all for now. It's all homework and hanging out today!

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