17 March 2014

cute and rotten

I think I have the cutest, most rotten little boy EVER!
On Friday (March 14th) Richie was being ROTTEN! He was just being naughty that day, not listening, telling me "no" all day. He was standing up in the kitchen chair and I told him to sit down, Richie-"no"
Me- "sit down or I'm going to spank your hiney"
him- "no"
So I spanked him and he didn't skip a beat, he got down off the chair after he pouted his lip, came up and spanked me on the hiney! It was SOO funny! I couldn't help but laugh! I won't next time, but this time I was so caught off guard that it couldn't be helped!

Earlier that morning I was sweeping the floor, preparing for company, and he was at the table eating (staying out of my way) and I hit his chair with the broom, on accident. He said "Sorry. Sorry." It was SO sweet :)

This weekend the Turners came down and he loved hanging out with the boys! He was best buds with them. We went to the trampoline park- he wasn't a huge fan of it. He had fun when he was on his hands and knees and I just bent my knees and bounced really fast and when I had him in my arms and we ran the length of the park. He laughed at that. Otherwise he just walked on the solid parts in between the trampolines.

The poor boy is around his Bob Bob and momma so much that when I pull out clothing that's more than just a plain color, he says "cute cute cute". It's so cute cute cute!

He loves animals except when they're live. He loves looking at books of animals and he can identify a cow, sheep, horse, puppy, kitty, elephant…. but when he has the chance to pet them, he gets scared.
We went to the circus last monday and first was the horse ride- he didn't want to get too close. Then the elephant rides- he didn't want to even think about getting close. Then we saw a llama- he was going to pet it but it started moving its head around. He did pet the donkey.
Also at the circus they had motorcycles and just like animals, he loves "cycles". He plays with his motorcycle EVERY single day. EVERY. So anyways at the circus, first there was 1 motorcycle riding the in the cage and he was okay with that. Then there was 2- eh, he's still doing okay. Then when the third one came out, he was grabbing Bobbie because he was scared. I'm sure it was the noise, not the thought that 3 motorcycles in the cage is INSANE.

I love the way he talks- most of the time… blankey= kankey
drink sounds like juice
movie= boobie. Wish I was kidding. Hopefully he doesn't say "movie" when he's at church or at daycare at the gym… that would be awkward!

He loves giving hugs. He gives me hugs when he's eating, when he's playing, when he's sitting on the potty, when he's going to sleep. :)
He likes to trick people also. It started with his daddy on FaceTime. Jeremy called one day during lunch and Richie likes to feed daddy, well he went to feed daddy some veggies and yanked it back real quick and laughed so hard. So then he kept doing it and loved that it was making us laugh. So he does that with food, hugs, kisses and anything he can think of! If it will make us laugh- he will do it :) Like I said… CUTE and ROTTEN!

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