13 March 2012

Busy March

I didn't realize that I went so long without taking any pictures until now! I've been taking a lot lately so hopefully that makes up for it!




3/4/12 (laying down on the floor, look how much it shrunk!)



WallE has been so darn cute lately! Today we were sitting on the couch and I was watching my belly and so was Walle. Then I put my my hand on my belly and Walle put his paw on it :) It was just too cute!
He has really been enjoying the weather lately too! It's been beautiful out!! His favorite thing to do is face the wind and just let it blow through his hair.

Last weekend (March 3) was my baby shower. It was a wonderful time! I got to see our family and my church family! We are so lucky to have such loving people in our lives! We went home with the car packed! On the way back to Nebraska WallE helped me break in the boppy and I put it in my lap and he layed on it. Again.. SO cute!

We also got to stop and see baby Jack! He's a cute, chunky monkey!

I've been working on Richie's room/stuff. I got his 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes washed and put in the closet. I keep fidgeting and moving stuff around. I think I finally have the 6-9, 9-12, 12-18 & 18-24 month clothes sorted and put away! Tonight I sorted stuff from the guest room closet and threw a bunch away. We're slowly getting ready! I also put together the pack n play already. I couldn't help it, I'm just so anxious!

While we were home, Aunt Brandi took some maternity pictures for us! We got them back today and she did a GREAT job (like always!!). She's awesome! Here are just a few of them. Enjoy :-)