25 April 2010

Sunday night thoughts

Sorry, I forgot to post Thoughtless Thursday the other day. I worked a long day and went straight to meet up with Jeremy at a friends house to finish watching the NFL draft! While Jeremy thought Colt McCoy was going to get drafted in the 1st pick, he seems to be happy where he ended up!

Nothing exciting is happening around here really. A friend of mine is staying with us [again] for the weekend. Her husband deployed in January and she went home [Indiana] to live while he is gone. When he left they stayed with us for a week because they had to be out of there house on a Tuesday but he didn't deploy until the next Tuesday. He won't be back until later May but she came back early to start working and get the house ready! She was my first friend here and we've been close ever since!

Tuesday morning we are doing inventory at work. Last year I got hired a few days before inventory so I didn't have to attend. In the past they "inventoried" at night after close and would stay until 12 or 1 AM but this year they are doing it in the morning. So I have to be at work at 5:30 AM! I'm a pretty meticulous person so I'm looking forward to it. I was there at 5:45 for Black Friday, so this will be a nice change... not having A LOT of customers in my face!

We're both still working a lot and both still looking forward to vacation!! I still can't believe there are MORE Coldwell's :)
I can't wait to get to see my Dad & Grandparents since I didn't get to see them at Christmas [Christmas gifts are still in my trunk!!] And I can't wait to scream and jump up and down with my newly engaged best friend, Danielle!!!!
We love and miss you ALL!!

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