03 April 2010

drowsy rambling

I am tired today/tonight. We were very busy at work!

Jeremy is on weekends this month... 3-11 PM Sat-Wed.

This has ended up being a conversation with me and my brother, Chris and me and my dad tonight... How do you feel about the funeral protesters? No need to argue or anything, just wondering!

I'll spill my beans. I've said this since the day my brothers joined the Army... it's worth 25 to life. Then again there are the Freedom Riders. They are so awesome and deserve every bit of attention!! I think they are the answer to many many prayers! Now we just need to have them in every state so stories like Albert Snyder's.

HAPPY EASTER FAMILY!!! We love you all and wish we could be home this weekend! Are you having Fried Chicken at Bucka's? I think Jeremy would appreciate it if you all ate a piece for him!


  1. I posted my thoughts on your dad's blog. I don't like the idiotic protesters, but creating new laws because of them would end up harming other American's rights to freedom of speech and rights to assembly, etc. I wish they could be arrested for being public nuissances though.

    As for the Freedom Riders, they were at my cousin's funeral last year, and that was pretty awesome.

  2. Maybe that would be a nice median.. just having them arrested for being disorderly! I don't think anyone would disagree to that!


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