26 September 2015

Random thoughts

I'm sitting here at a restaurant with Richie, watching Tim Tebow (and others) talks about their picks for today. I started thinking about Tebow's career and how people responded to him praying and being so loud about his faith. Many people say "So what? He prays. Big deal. He does it on the field for attention." So what about when the professional football player announced that he is gay. "So what? Lots of people are. He's saying it publicly for the attention." wasn't said. People said that he was a hero (?) and that he was brave. How? Because he was doing/saying something that isn't accepted as okay by the rest of the world? Guess what... Neither is praying, neither is trusting God, neither is doing those things in the publics eye. Guess what? Neither of them are. Be you. Stop commenting about how other people live. Live your life, just like they are.

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