22 March 2016

All the funny things Richie says that are in my phone..

I don't think I'm sharing all the funny things that Richie says, that I write down in my phone. I didn't start marking dates on these until recently but they have all been in the past year.

Funny things Richie says:
"Yes ma'am daddy"

He tooted in the bathroom and said "what was that?
I said "That was you"
He said "That was you momma"

Jeremy asked him what does a mouse say and his response was "Oh tootles!"

He was pretending to be sleeping in the car and was "snoring" It was really cute!

When Jeremy asks him if he needs to go potty he pipes up and says "no I'm fine" it's cute for a little kid to say that oh so convincingly.

If he potties in his pants I tell him that he should potty in the toilet and he says "Sorry momma. My fault."

In the car I asked him to put his straw back in his cup and he said "I can't right now".

He dumped out his backpack and there was candy in there. He was telling me about the candy and I asked him where he got it. He said "Lissa" (Elissa). He definitely pulled that out of thin air, because he didn't get candy from my sister!

At church Richard is the music leader so one afternoon we were attempting to let Richie sit with us (first time). He grabbed his hymnal and yelled to Richard "READY!"

Jeremy was trying to get Richie to settle down and do something but Richie just wasn't settling down so Jeremy lightly thumped him on the head. Richie returned the gesture.

After his bath one night he went and got his guitar instead of his PJ's and played the guitar naked

When WallE gets into the trash I yell at him (all I say is WallE!) and Richie replies with "It's fine momma". Thank you son

We were driving by Bone Daddy's to go eat and he pointed at Bone Daddy's (In Grapevine) and said he wanted to eat there. I told him no and he said "Don't tell me no momma."

He hates tags in his shirts and he came to me before school telling me that he has a tag. I said "Who put that there?" "Grandma Karen"

The day before we were taking WallE to the vet and groomer Richie kept saying that WallE was going to get his hand cut off

WallE was whining at me and Richie said "What are you saying? Now go make me a sandwich!"

We are careful about what we watch on TV while Richie is in the room, but the B word came across the TV. Jeremy and I looked at each other with hopeful looks and without missing a beat Richie turned around and said "Rich! That's my name!" Whew! Dodged a bullet!

Richie told Matt that Jessica is beautiful and she said thank you. He swiped his hand in front of him and said "It was nothin"

He told Jeremy that he licks the door like a pineapple. What?!

At a restaurant there was a little bit of sour cream and he thought it was ice cream so we let him think that. He went in face first and took a big lick out of it.

He loves to hide the remote from Jeremy when he gets up from the couch.

On 11-16-15 He read/identified his first word! It popped up on the TV and Wallykazam hadn't read it yet, but Richie said it… Popcorn!

I sent him to bed because we had already read a book on the couch and his lamp was already on in his room. He went up to his room then came back and said "uh mom you forgot to pray."

Richie- Spongebob is coming on next!
Me- You're not watching Spongebob. You've never watched it.
Richie- Yeah! You let me watch it after school, member?
(He's never watched spongebob, especially after school because he would've been TWO!)

We picked Richard and Bobbie up at the airport and Richie was playing "I Spy" with Bobbie in the car. She spied something pink. So instead of guessing my pink shirt and letting her answer yes or no, he kept guessing and said "momma's nipples"

Jeremy told Richie "Let's call my mom and tell her thank you" (for his presents). When she answered he said "Thank you daddy's mom"

Jeremy has taught Richie that when the Star Spangled Banner plays you stop what you're doing and put your hand on your heart. It started playing before a football game and even though he was butt-naked from just getting out of the bath, he stood up and put his hand on his heart. That was quite the scene to walk into the living room to.

We were waiting for our food at Sonic and he was playing around in the car, he saw himself in the rear view mirror and said "Looking good you"

He came up to my room and I asked him if he at all of his lunch. He looked at me and said "I better go now" That's a no!

About a month or two ago we were at a friends house and their 2 1/2 year old doesn't talk real well and he's pretty naughty (tells his parents no, bites Richie). When his dad went to check on them he was doing something naughty and got in trouble. Richie came right to me and told me that Talon wasn't being naughty and set the story straight about what Bruce saw Talon doing. He, as a 3 year old, had enough integrity to tell the truth so that Talon didn't get in trouble for something that he wasn't really doing. That's more integrity than most adults have! Talon wouldn't have done that if the shoe was on the other foot. It made me very proud of him! I hope he continues to have integrity because that will go a long way.

Richie- Are you turning on my movie momma?
Me- Yeah
Richie- You're a genius momma!
Me- What can I say!
Richie- Thank you?
Yes, I suppose I should've said thank you after being called a genius for turning on the T.V.

He was spelling his name…
Try again son…
Try again tomorrow son...

We were in the living room just hanging out one night and he said "Mom smell the room". There's only one reason that a Coldwell boy tells you to smell the room… He wanted me to smell his toot.

He stacked up some eggs and said "Look mom! It's the lean in tower of Cheeza!" (From A Goofy Movie)
They were playing red light, green light at soccer practice and the coach asked what green light means, what red light means and what yellow light means. When answering what yellow light means Richie yelled "GO FASTER!"

On our way to the doctor (OB appt) Richie didn't think that Jeremy was driving to his pull potential. He said "Dad do you want to go to the doctor or not? Then you better get the show on the road! I'm going to block your knock off!"He is constantly telling us how to drive and how to get him… at THREE YEARS OLD! He's a threenager for sure!
He also had his first dentist appointment today! He did great! He didn't like her brushing his teeth but he doesn't like it at home either so I wasn't surprised. For some reason he kept his hands up by his head during the whole appointment.

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