08 February 2016

Picture update

I've come to the point that my phone won't take any more pictures! I guess 631 is its limit. So I'm emptying my phone!
We went to Bass Pro to see Santa!

Richie and I made a snowman for "Pin the Nose on the Snowman" for the work Christmas party!

I hope this video works, it's Richie singing at church :)
 Singing at church makes a boy tired!

Playing with Popeye on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas! (Actually that game broke today)

We were giggling because Momma and Daddy forgot one of Richie's gifts in the trunk! It was Christmas night and we realized there was no trampoline!

 14 weeks pregnant 12-15-15

He loves playing hopscotch!


18 weeks pregnant

A concert in my living room!

 Snow angels!

Our little angel! 20 weeks (1-28-16)

Daddy has taught Richie that we put our hand on our heart during the National Anthem. He had both hands on it in this picture :)

21 weeks pregnant! :)

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