21 January 2016

Oscar nominees

Todays American offense is that all the Oscar nominees are white. So black actors and actresses are upset about it. The Oscar nominations are made by filmmakers… 6,000 of them. If 6,000 people got together and said "let's vote for only white people" we would know about it within the hour!

Stacey Dash does talk about how we either integrate or we segregate. She says we need to get rid of BET and the BET awards. I've been saying that since I was a teenager! All of the sudden it's fair that the BET awards only award black people but it's not fair that 6,000 people happened to vote for only white people?!

How many people voted for Obama ONLY BECAUSE he's "black"? A lot. I can promise you that. A friend of mine that's black voted for Obama for that reason and he doesn't believe in anything that Obama does. He didn't bother to look into that though. We thought we would just make history by having a "black" president and everything else would be okay?
I'm putting the work black in quotation marks when I talk about him because he's not only black. Black people don't think it's fair that they are identified as black when they have black and white parents, or mixed parents, if you will. Yet when it comes to situations like this they're black and nothing else matters.

When black people do things everyone is expected to just let it be okay (BET channel), but if white people did the same things there are MAJOR actions taken! The confederate flag can no longer fly on government property because someone got an itch one day and took major action in order to get it down. However, most people don't even know the true meaning behind that flag. They think because it was around during a time of segregation and slavery then it represents segregation and slavery.

We have come a long way from slavery but it hasn't ended yet. There's sex slavery, but I guess that doesn't matter. Human trafficking is slavery. So why do people only care about the times when black people were slaves? I guess the people that are being forced to have sex and not being taken care of don't matter.

Instead America is being offended by something new EVERY SINGLE DAY! We could take this anger and put it somewhere that will do some good. I just read a story about a woman giving birth, had a birth plan all worked out with her doctor but instead she was HELD DOWN on the bed and the baby was being forced (by the nurses hand) to stay in the mom's vagina until the doctor got in the room to catch it. Where's the outrage over that? Where's the outrage over the fact that "Obamacare" has made healthcare unaffordable by everyone? Everyone might be able to attain healthcare, but no one can afford it, unless you're a part of Obamacare.
I have a $5,000 deductible and I'm pregnant. Think about $5,000. We have a family, we have cars, we have bills, and then I have to add a bunch of doctors to my bills. I went to the ER because of severe stomach pain in August. I never got a room, I was treated in the HALLWAY for the entire 6 hours that I was there. I was never offered something to eat. I was never offered a room. I also got NO ANSWERS. They don't know what was hurting me for an hour, yet I had an MRI scan and 3 different doctors came by to "check on me". So I was billed for 3 doctors, I was billed for an MRI, a pregnancy test, a couple other tests and of course taking up space in the hallway. The MRI is through a different "office" in the hospital so I got billed separately for that. So instead of making payments to one office, I'm making payments to 2 offices. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm being billed by 3 offices! Yet… healthcare is affordable.

Let me put this out there…. I DON'T FEEL BAD FOR ACTORS AND ACTRESSES!!! I don't feel bad for any of them. There are exceptions… I would feel bad for an actress and her family if they had a miscarriage or if they were in a car accident and hurt or worse. Without giving it a ton of thought, that's about where my sympathy ends for famous people. They have tons of money, they get to travel all over, they start dating someone and within months they're married (no I don't feel bad for them when they get a divorce) and they are treated like royalty just because they can get behind a camera and act.
The only famous people that get my respect are the ones that do good with their fame and fortune.. Tim Tebow didn't back down from praying on the field when he was told to stop, JJ Watt does a lot with his fame and fortune, and Sandra Bullock is another great example. Famous people that go on Good Morning America and say "I'm not going to the Oscar's because no black people were nominated" are ridiculous and need to get over themselves. The filmmaker with ugly glasses that was on there yesterday is holding a grudge from 1989. Yes, you read that right. Because Driving Miss Daisy was either nominated or won the award instead of his film. GET A LIFE! WHO CARES!! How about you get on there and say that many years ago, black people wouldn't be making films or acting but because of how far this great nation has come you are sitting on that stage, grateful for all the actions taken, by blacks and whites, in order to end slavery and get us to where we are now!

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