20 May 2010

Thoughtless Thursday- Root Canal

This is what they do during a root canal. That is a filer. They file the sides of the canal to get it cleaned out. It felt weird at first (no pain though)
This is what I would have looked like.. except I would have been asleep :)

I'm going to give my dentist a little free advertising. He is simply the best. Totally worth the trip for you Kansas, if you're looking for a dentist! :P

His name is Dr. Kenneth Spanel, at Regency Dental on Regency Parkway in Omaha, NE.
How many people can say that they were falling asleep during a root canal?
It's been 2 days since the root canal and I still haven't had to take any pain medication!
He is willing to work with my insurance to make sure I get the care I need while still staying within the limits of my insurance.
When I told him I couldn't chew he temporarily fixed my tooth until my root canal (scheduled for a month later due to his busy office!)
He genuinely cares about his patients; always making sure they aren't in pain and that they are comfortable. 
The ladies in the office are great too! Very friendly, always introduce themselves (the first time), and get to know you!
I'll leave it at that.. I can't stop saying enough good things about him!

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