19 May 2010

Root Canal- CHECK!

Lately I feel like my 'to do list' is a mile long and it's not getting any shorter. But the only thing on it that is stressful was my root canal, but....

I got my first root canal yesterday!!
I didn't get much sleep the night before. When we went to bed I couldn't stop talking even though I was SO tired! I must have tossed and turned alot because I was still pretty tired when I woke up!

Jeremy had stuff going on at work today so my friend, Shannon, took me to my appointment. I didn't know if I was going to be put to sleep or not. I wasn't put to sleep but I was falling asleep! The only thing that was uncomfortable was when he gave me the shot to make me even more numb. Even that didn't hurt. I didn't feel the shot, I felt him turning the syringe in my gum.

I'm not sure if anyone has ever fell asleep while getting a root canal, but that says A LOT about my dentist!! He constantly asks me if I'm in pain. While that could get annoying, it doesn't because I don't want to be in pain either!

Dr. Kenneth Spanel is absolutely AWESOME!! I wasn't even in pain after the numbness wore off! The only time I feel anything is when I yawn! I just can't stop saying enough great things about him!!

I will need a $crown$ next and those usually come 2 weeks after the root canal but that's when we'll be in Kansas so it'll have to wait.

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