08 May 2010

Thoughtless Saturday?!

woops! I totally forgot to post my thoughtless Thursday!
This week has been a change of pace... Jeremy is on day shift now. Don't forget that since I'm such an AWESOME wife.. that I get up with him and make him breakfast! I go back to sleep after he leaves but I think I'm going to stop that. I think it's making me more tired. So I'll just go to bed earlier and stay awake in the mornings.

So here's my Thoughtless Saturday.. but it's not going to be thoughtless

This is my friend Shannon and her daughter, Kenzie. Shannon is a lymphoma cancer survivor. There was a Lymphoma-thon in April and I walked with her. The survivors had their own colored shirts, and the walkers had their own color. It was so sad to see such young kids that had to go through that! Shannon made her own shirt.. it says "Survivor I beat Hodgkins Lymphoma" And her daughters shirt says "My mommy's a survivor"

Her fiance (currently deployed in Afghanistan) works with Jeremy.

Kenzie was very well behaved the whole time!!
We got there around 9 and didn't leave until around 1:30!
This is Benny and 2 of his boys. He works with Jeremy and him and his family also came to support Shannon! One of them had his bike but there was so many people it was hard for him to ride it. Anthony walked most of the time. And Benny Boy slept almost the whole time! I was very impressed with all of the kids. It was lunch time and nap time and they didn't do much complaining!

The lymphoma-thon was on a Saturday. The Monday before the walk UNMC and Channel 6 news contacted Shannon and asked her to tell her story. Soon afterward, she was contacted and asked to walk in the lymphoma-thon. She found out about an even more exciting phone call soon after her story aired. She was told about a contest; They are looking for an inspiring story and the winner receives a $75,000 wedding! The news mentioned that her fiance was in Afghanistan, that's how they knew she is getting married.  I hope that she wins the contest! I will find out when and how to vote. She would really appreciate your votes!

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  1. I kept getting chills while reading this! I will vote too!!


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