25 August 2015

Week of August 25th Menu

Our weeks are a day later than everyone else's because of Jeremy's days off so bare with me. Also, I just got a Sam's membership so I'm going there tomorrow to get groceries!

I'm trying really hard to incorporate more E meals and to use less cheese. I can't believe I just said "use less cheese". :'( lol But we're going on vacation in 3 1/2 weeks and I need to lose some inches!

Also, I don't put sides. Obviously I'm going to have a side like green beans or something. But not always.

Snack options-
Wasa Crackers with laughing cow cheese {FP}
Popcorn {E}
Almonds {S?}
Cheese {S}
Celery w/ PB {S}
Nutty Butter snack cakes {S}
Jicama Fries {S or FP depending on the portion}
Apple Cinnamon Upside Down Cake {E}

B- Greek Yogurt with Strawberries {E}

L- Cheeseburger Patty, pickles, mayo {S}

S- Chicken and Rice {E}

B- eggs, bacon, strawberries {S}

L- Chicken salad w/ Ranch {S}

S- Taco Bowls {S}

B- Yogurt and strawberries {E}

L- Deli Meat Roll ups {FP}

S- Chicken Salad w/ Ranch {S} (It's considered an S because of the Ranch but it's a light S)

B- Yogurt and strawberries {S}

L- Deli Meat Roll ups {FP} (pg 299)

S- Pizza {S} pg 276

B- Toast w/ jam {E}

L- Turkey Meatloaf sandwiches {E} (I made the Turkey meatloaf on pg 318 last week and I froze the other pan so we're going to use it as turkey patties and put it on bread)

S- Cheeseburgers {S} (Marcy's Cheesy Rolls pg 271)

B- THM Pancakes {E} (pg 223)

L- Eat out

S- Enchiladas {S}

B-Eggs and bacon {S}

L- leftovers {S}

S- chicken drumsticks {S} (S because they will have the skin on them}

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