12 August 2015

THM Picky Eaters (S)

I have always been a picky eater. I'll try it once but if I don't like it I'm not going to force myself to eat it, no matter how "good for you" it is. I have been taking sugar out of the picture so I'm trying to desensitize my taste buds but I don't want to waste money on cauliflower to make something if I'm not going to like it. Not yet anyways. I will try mashed cauliflower one day, but not yet. Besides, there's lots of options out there!

Reasons that I'm a picky eater:

  1. I don't like seafood- I really don't like the thought of it
  2. The only "on plan" vegetables that I like are lettuce and green beans
  3. I don't like coffee, coconut or mushrooms
  4. I don't like oatmeal but I like oatmeal in cookies
  5. I'm cool like that :)
So here is a list of recipes that picky eaters will enjoy.
I actually have this list saved on a document on my computer so that I can use it to meal plan!
Please note that some of these recipes are not on plan but when I make them I use on plan ingredients. So if a recipe says 'milk' I use almond milk, or if it calls for noodles I use Dreamfields noodles, etc. 
Also, unless the recipe has a book page, the link is going to bring you to Pinterest.

S Breakfasts

Crepes (book pg 220)
Almond Raspberry Greek Yogurt (book pg 252)
Greek Pudding Greek Yogurt (book pg 251)
Jelly Style Greek Yogurt (book pg 252)
Light Vanilla Greek Treat (book pg 251)
Light baked custard (book pg 218)
Light White Muffins (book pg 264)
Savory Protein Muffins (book pg 221)
Serene’s Steamed Omega Sensations (book pg 216)
Simple Fried Eggs (book pg 215)
Strawberry Ricotta Parfait (book pg 378)
Muffin in a mug (book pg 256)
Chocolate muffin in a mug (book pg 256)
Easy Peazy Cinnamon Muffins (book pg 262)

S Meals
Fat Head pizza (pinterest/ book pg 276)
Chicken Cream (We liked this but the leftovers were not very good) 
Cheese Smiles (Use Dreamfields)
BLT Salad (book pg 306)
Cheeseburger Pie (book pg 326)
Cheesey Omelet (book pg 219)
Chicken Broth anything soup (book pg 293)
Chicken Tenders (book pg345)
Chili Relleno Casserole (book pg 325)
Country Biscuits (book pg 267)
Creamy Broccoli and Cheese Soup (book pg 335)
Crockpot Creamy Cheesy Chicken (book pg 314)
Crockpot Alfredo Chicken (book pg 315)
Deli Meat Roll-ups (book pg 299)
Easy and Fantastic Meat Loaf (book pg 316)
Easy Chicken Yogurt Bake (book pg 322)
Fajitas (book pg 346)
Fantastic Meat Loaf (book pg 316)
Fried Breaded Fish (book pg 344)
Golden Flat Bread (book pg 270)
Golden Soft Boiled Eggs (book pg 219)
Green Fried (book pg 357)
Hummus (book pg 405)
Sandwiches and wraps (book pg 299)
Just like Campbell’s Tomato Soup (book pg 292)
Lettuce Wraps (book pg 297)
Loaded Fotato Soup (book pg 294)
Macafoni and Cheese (book pg 359)
Marcy’s Cheesy Rolls (book pg 271)
Mexican Noodles (book pg 347)
Pizza casserole (book pg 327)
Chicken Crust Pizza (book pg 276)
Speedy Thin Crust (book pg 278)
Pot Roast (book pg 310)
Quesadillas (book pg 307)
Quick Tuna Medley (book pg 306)
Creamy Quinoa (book pg 228)
Serene’s company chili (book pg 329)
Spaghetti Squash Noodles (book pg 356)
Speedy Chinese Broccolo and Beef (book pg 343)
Spicy Chicken Wings (book pg 323)
Spinach Casserole (Green Bean Casserole) (book pg 358)
Taco Salad (book pg 347)
Tostadas (book pg 346)
Whole Baked Chicken (book pg 321)
Zest of Southwest soup (book pg 294)
Zucchini Fries (book pg 357)
Zucchini Noodles (book pg 356)

S snacks
Dehydrated nuts (book pg 397)
Flax Seed Protein Bars (book pg 401)
I’m hungry snack ideas (book pg 407)
Sweet Satisfying Granola (book pg 237)
Spicy Nuts (book pg 396)

S sides
Zucchini Fritter (book pg 217)
Simple Steamed Broccoli or Cauliflower (book pg 354)
Sauteed String Green Beans (book pg 357)

S Breads/crackers
Oopsie Rolls (book pg 268)
Sandwich buns (book pg 269)
Crunch Cheese Crackers (book pg 395)
Joseph’s Crackers/Chips (book pg 394)
Just like Wheat Thins (book pg 396)
Oven Flax Crackers (book pg 393)
Simple Flax Crackers (book pg 392)

S gravy/sauce/jelly/dip
Slim Belly Jelly (book pg 411
Spaghettie Sauce [Spaghetti Bolognese] (book pg 350)
Greek Onion Dip (book pg 404)
Australian Guacamole (book pg 406)
Basic gravy (book pg 410)

S drinks
Fat Stripping Frappa (book pg 240)
Berri-tastic Smoothie (book pg 248)
Berry Fruity Bonanza (book pg 245)
Big Boy Smoothie (book pg 242)
Chocolate Decadence Smoothie (book pg 245)
Chocomocho Smoothie (book pg 248)
Vanilla Sip Smoothie (book pg 249)
Peanut Butter Blizzard Protein Shake

S Desserts
Tummy Tucking Ice Cream (book pg 368)
Whip of Wonders (book pg 403)
Special agent Brownie Cake (book pg 382)
Special occasion Chocolate Cake (book pg 384)
Skinny Chocolate (book pg 371)
Peanut butter chocolate cookies (book pg 387)
Peanut squares (book pg 377)
Pumpkin Treat (book pg 388)
Oopsie Chocolate Eclairs (book pg 387)
Lemon Mousse (book pg 367)
Mini Chocolate cakes for Purists (book pg 382)
Mouth watering meringues (book pg 318)
Fridge Fudge (book pg 402)
Frozen Yogurt (book pg 376)
Frozen Yogurt Pops (book pg 377)
Ginger Snaps (book pg 389)
Cottage Berry Whip (book pg 379)
Chunky Cream Pops (book pg 374)
Basic cheesecake (book ph 373)
Basic Treat Squares (book pg 400)
Cake in a Mug (book pg 379)
Cheesecake Berry Crunch (book pg 373)
Chocco pudding (book pg 366)
Chocolate Nut Slab (book pg 372)
Icing for cake Quick version(book pg 386)
Icing for cake superfoods version (book pg 385)
Cowboy Cookies (I don't like coconut but I would try these)
Peanut Butter Cookies (don't over cook or they are very dry)
Peanut Butter Cookies (different from the ones above)

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