31 July 2015


I have always loved laughing. It's happy and contagious! Richie loves to laugh too and loves when he is able to make us laugh. If we're distracted with something and he does something that he thinks is funny he will ask us if that was funny. He also loves to imitate laughter. When he's watching Veggie Tales he will laugh like them, which is cuter than cute! When he watches old video of himself laughing, he laughs like that. I love that little boy!!

I'm grateful for the people that call just to tell us that they love us and miss us. I'm grateful to the people that love us even when we aren't perfect or have a difference in opinion.

The rest of this post is just me venting.
I don't understand people's priorities. There are some people that are legitimately upset about the fact that a lion died. I understand that the way that the dentist killed the lion makes me people mad, and I respect that. I also understand that people can care about the way the dentist killed the lion AND other issues in the world. But the people that are upset because a lion died….?? What?? There are innocent babies being killed every single day in America before they even see the light of day. How about giving those babies some emotion? (I also can't believe the way that people treat others because they have a difference in opinion. It takes all kinds of kinds. Agree to disagree. Everyone isn't going to have the same opinion.)

I can't believe that aborted babies are being SOLD. I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT. I read that over a million babies are aborted every year. My thought was holy cow that's a lot of babies! What would we do with a million more people, a year! WHO KNOWS! One of those babies could cure cancer. What if Mary decided she wasn't going to obey God and aborted Jesus? What if we had no Jesus! Even if you don't believe in Him, think about it. All the people that do believe in Him and are doing good because of that belief. If there was no Jesus, how would we all be acting? Probably like hooligans.

I understand that people get raped and end up pregnant. To give a baby up for adoption is FREE. Sure there's emotion involved. If the baby is a result of a rape, there are mixed emotions. No you probably don't want the baby, but someone else does! You can rejoice in the fact that SOMEONE wants that baby and will give them a good life! Regardless of how they were conceived. I personally would have bad emotions if I aborted a baby vs the good emotions of giving someone else the opportunity to have a family and laugh and smile!

Jeremy and I have been trying for several months to try and have another baby. I can tell you it hurts every single month when I get my period. I always tell myself that I might be pregnant anyways, because lots of people have periods while they're pregnant. That's not the case. I've taken a pregnancy test too. One line…. SUCKS. I can only imagine trying for years and years. There's been a lot of laughter in our house thanks to one very special little boy!

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