08 July 2015


WHOA! Seriously? A year since I last posted! whoops… :)

Well a LOT has changed! Jeremy is OUT of the Air Force!!! The job search was a scary one, even in Texas where the job market is booming. His AF experience wasn't really related to anything that he was applying for. He eventually found a job with Builder's Surplus as an assistant manager and we moved to Grapevine, TX. We loved the location of our apartment because of everything there is to do, but also because it was right in between our jobs. We moved in there in November and moved out in early April (our lease was up in May though). On March 13th his job asked him if we wanted to move to Georgia. When he came home and asked me, I couldn't stop saying "NO!". I LOVE Texas. WE love Texas. Texas is where we've wanted to be since we got married and now that we're here we aren't leaving. HA! The movers came to pick up our stuff on April 1st and Jeremy left for Georgia on April 6th. We/I decided that it was a VERY unexpected answer to my prayers. I had no idea how I was going to finish school. It was going to take me forever because I needed to work. When I said yes, it came with stipulations: We're saving for Disney, we're flying my mom out when I have baby #2 and we're moving back to Texas before Richie starts school. So if your work is okay with knowing that you are only going to be there for a few years then we can go. After all, we wanted to travel in the military, this isn't any different.

So here we are! :D We live NW of Atlanta, I stay home with Richie (no baby #2 yet) and we're doing great! It's been a wild ride but I love my life! I'm so blessed. I have a husband that works 40+ hours a week only to come home and make sure we're provided for, I have a 3 year old that is full of life, imagination and his MOMMA! And I have WallE. Oh WallE…..

I felt really bad for moving Richie right before his birthday. He isn't going to spend it with any friends or family (except WallE, daddy and Ma). So I made sure to decorate and just make it extra special. He's into so much stuff I didn't know how to decorate! So I got a little bit of everything. Toy Story banner, Bubble Guppies streamers, Mickey balloons and Jake was in the mix somewhere too. He had a good birthday :)

I'm going to get back into blogging. I want to blog about our adventures in GA, funny things that Richie says and also about our budgeting adventure. We don't have much debt right now. We have my car, his car and my student loan. But if we got all of that paid off, think about how much more money we would have!

I already have all of our bills on a spreadsheet. On that spreadsheet I have listed what the bill is, how much it is, when it needs to get paid, the date and amount that I pay and also the confirmation number (I've had to use it before). So on another sheet in the same window, I listed everything. I listed all of our bills and things that we need to save for. Our bills are our cars, car insurance, rent, renters insurance, water, gas, electric, TV/Internet, student loan, cell phones, fun, fuel, food, spending allowance for J & I, clothing allowance, household goods and groceries. Our savings are vacation, medical, emergency fund, car repairs, retirement, future house, car replacement, birthdays, Christmas, plane tickets and our move (a new house in 10 months and our move back to TX).
Jeremy said he is 100% on board with this so here we go! It took me a long time to figure out our budget. I set our budget and figured all of our bills/savings into it. I didn't calculate it down to the last penny because it's hard to do that when he gets bonuses and I do things like Walmart savings catcher. Anything that we don't have put into our budget will get put into the savings plans. There are also things that we don't have in our budget yet. like tithing (we don't have a church home yet), life insurance and dental insurance. When the time comes for those things we will have to do some rearranging but we will get there.

This should be pretty painless for us since we don't have too much debt. Maybe $40,000 (and that's with 2 cars) but I'm guessing it to be around $25,000-30,000. We also don't have a house to include but that's why we're saving for it!

I've been getting a lot of pointers from Stephanie. They have a lot more debt than we do (they don't have a house or pay utilities!) so it's interesting reading about their adventure. Ours won't be nearly as fun to read about but it will be good to scream about paying things off!

There's a lot of change in this post! Change in our lives, my little boy and no more change jingling in our pockets! :)
Richie and Rylea (October 2014)

 Richie and Daddy

Handsome Daddy

Richie and Daddy and church

 Sweet little boy

Matching jammies at grandma Shirley's!

Christmas morning 2014

 Richie and Rylea December 2014

On our way to church! <3 p="">

Richie and Jack! February 2015

Richie and Daddy at the Air Show, August 2014

Jeremy's ceremony for Staff Sergeant 

"Cycle" (Michael) and Richie

The day before we left Nebraska. We were wearing matching shirts (Jeremy hates it, but I was dressed way before he was)

Baby Lucas! 

 Painting Punkins 2014

 Sweet girl
 Richie and Daddy holding baby Lucas! 
 Oh WallE…..

 Helping Bob Bob cook!

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