23 June 2014


We've been back in Texas for about a month and we're SO happy to be back! There's no place like Texas! Richie hasn't been sleeping well since we've been back. I've tried and tried to get him to sleep through the night but I think it's a lost cause until we get settled because we're about to leave again in a week and a half. We're going to Kansas for a couple weeks to see family. We weren't going to go this early but Chris, Mary and Caelan are going to be in town so we don't want to miss them!
Then on the 16th we're headed to Nebraska. Jeremy's birthday is on the 20th and also the Air Show is that weekend and Richie loves airplanes. Then we'll be preparing to move Jeremy and our stuff to Texas! We can't wait! We miss him! I think that's part of Richie's poor sleeping habits.

Richie is putting more words together. He's up to 4 at a time. This morning he said "Laugh it up chuckles" (he repeated after me). I couldn't stop laughing after he said it! He also says "Are you kidding me?" but it's more of a "kidding me?". It's cute :)

We went to the lake a couple weekends ago and had a blast! I needed it! We got on Popeye's Pontoon and enjoyed having no worries! We got Pops a tube to pull behind it for his birthday/fathers day, so I got on that. It was fun! I was yawning at Pops ;) Then Richie got on it with me. We sat up on it, he had a BLAST! He didn't want to get off! I was really proud of him! I know Jeremy is eager to get down here and have fun with him.
On our way to the lake!

Sitting with Bob Bob on the boat!

He LOVED sitting his Popeye! 

Momma and Richie on the tube! 

Richie has quite the imagination.. here are a few pictures of his silly imagination gone wild!
Sitting on his tractor..

Giving daddy a bath :)

Just another day...

Taking a plane ride!

Sitting in his laundry basket looking at a book (Pardon the crazy hair!)

Riding his cycle, wearing his cowboy hat!

Wearing his Dr Seuss hat saying "ho ho ho" 

Riding daddy's cycle

Sitting in his other tractor

When the exterminator came, he pulled up the carpet and then used his hammer and screw driver to put it back. I had no idea that Richie was even paying attention but he sure was! As soon as he left Richie went over to do the same thing. 

Using the laptop charger as earphones

Typical male...

When we went to Cavender's in Kansas City, Richie wanted to play dress up!

Small truck in the bed of the big truck..

Like father like son…..

Swimming in his pool!

 He is so sweet to the puppies (sometimes). He loves having WallE ride with him on our walks. 

He ate his PopTart and then looked at it and said "Chicken!" So apparently this looks like a chicken….

Nothing to do with Richie… but we saw a drone at the lake!

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