11 July 2015

Big Boy alert!!

Richie is growing up so fast! He got a bike in April and it's been fun watching him learn how to ride it and be more confident on it. Today we were airing the car out and doing yard work when the neighbor across the street came out. While we were talking he was riding his bike and was going to ride it into her driveway. Well there is a small curb into her driveway (like most driveways) and in very slow motion he went over the top of his bike. He couldn't decide if he was just going to tip over or go head over heels but eventually landed right on his noggin. Since it was in such slow motion it wasn't hard but he did get a few scratches. He's such a big boy though, he just said "I'm okay" and got back on his bike. I had the sheers in my hand so it's a good thing I didn't try to catch him, but I thought he was going sideways so I wasn't going to catch him. It's all part of living and learning. That has been how we've raised Richie from the beginning. If he's standing on the couch and falls off, he's going to learn either A. not to stand on the couch or B. not to stand that close to the edge. As long as there isn't a coffee table or something that he can get seriously hurt on, we let him live and learn. 

We're very excited to announce that we're DONE with diapers/pull-ups!!! We started potty training in January 2014 and he did pretty well. The biggest hurdle was him tinkling. He would tinkle then tell me that he needed to go potty. He still does it occasionally. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to see if he could go overnight without pottying. I was really skeptical because he was having FULL diapers (pull-ups) but we talked about it and he wanted to wear undies. He potted in them the first night or two and then stopped for a night or two. Then went back to pottying. I thought it wasn't time yet so for a night or two he was in a diaper and I kicked into big boy mode and we talked about it again and he wanted to wear undies so he's been in undies ever since and done great!! He did poop one night, which was so gross, but that was before I regressed to the diapers for the last time. He comes in to tell me every morning that he didn't potty his pants!! We're SO proud of him! And he's proud of himself too! He tells me all the time that he wants a "surprise" (a prize). Little stinker!! 

We're going to go see the Minion movie tonight. I'm hoping to go to the drive-in. I haven't been to a drive-in since Jurrasic Park/The Flintstones! Just saying that makes me feel old! :)

Next weekend we're going to go to Tennessee to see Donald, Tiajuana, Alexis, Braeden, Trista, Chris, Mary, Caelan, Dad and Jeri. I'm excited for our trip! We're going to bring Braeden and Trista with us cause they'll already be in Georgia. Unfortunately it's Jeremy's birthday weekend but that's when it comes in handy to celebrate his birthday on the 4th of July ;) 

Last night we went to Marlow's Tavern for supper and sat on the deck (my favorite part). On Friday nights they have a "band" (it's just a guy or two and a guitar). He was setting up while we were eating but Richie was watching him and kind of up and around our table but wasn't being crazy or anything. This couple was leaving (I hadn't even seen them before that point) and they stopped to tell us that we're doing something right because he was one of the most well-behaved kids they'd seen. It made us smile from ear to ear. He really is a good kid! We are very blessed! Even at his naughtiest he's not that naughty (unless he's tired which is totally different). 

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