21 July 2015

Weekend adventure

The Minion Movie was so cute! Richie would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't at 9:00 at night! :/ but he (barely) stayed awake and watched it all. Jeremy and I liked it!

Thursday night Mandy dropped Trista and Braeden (niece and nephew) off and we went to Tennessee on Friday morning. I hadn't seen them in 6 years when they stayed the night at our house on their way to Washington. I was so nervous about them being nervous, I didn't get any sleep. WallE could tell I was nervous because he was nervous too. Everything went great though. When we got there, 6 hours later, they were so happy to see their daddy. It was cute. We all had a good weekend! We had good food and laughs! Dad, Jeri, Donald, Tiajuana, Alexis, Chris, Mary, Caelan, Wendi, me and Richie were all there. We missed mom and Elissa (and family)! All the different types of personalities kept it interesting but everyone survived!

Caelan is such a cutie pie! He's my little Precious Moment doll! Trista was such a mother hen to Richie, it was so cute. He loved every minute of it! Braeden is a gamer. He likes his technology (just like his daddy!). It was a mostly quiet drive! We're very blessed!

Some funny things Richie has said:
Our hotel had a pool but only hotel guests could swim so Sunday evening him and I went swimming and he told me to "watch the attitude" out of the blue!

I really should have written down the funny things that he was saying at Chris' house. He was cracking everybody up!

Since I don't remember any of the funny things he said I'll post what sign language signs he knows.
He knows ice cream, apple, candy, thank you, please, help, Sunday, dirty, socks, mom, dad and food.

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