31 March 2010

Welcome Spring!!

Since none of you can be here with me I'll describe the scenario-
WallE is in his favorite spot- laying in front of the the front door staring out the window. ALL of the windows are open, the wind is blowing, the sun is shining, and the smell of paint is in the air! That's right! I got out the paint that Rising View left for us and did some touch up work! It was MUCH needed! The bottom of the walls had so many scuff marks, the rail was very dirty and the back door frame was apparently used as a handle many times! I did it all by myself too! "Mr. Sherwin Williams" didn't help! He was sure to let me know that I better have his paint brush CLEAN when I was done! (rolling my eyes)

I LOVE this weather right now!! The grass turning green is what I look forward to every year! More so now that we have grass! A year ago, we didn't have any grass for a while, until they laid sod. Even when I'm at work and EVERYONE that I ring out talks about how nice it is outside, I still love the weather. I like just looking outside and seeing the sunshine!

We are getting more and more antsy for our next visit home! It's been a while since we've been home! I'm pretty sure this is the longest we've went without a visit!
I'm especially missing home because on Easter Sunday I'm going to be alone!  Jeremy has to work weekends in April. Last year, my friend Amanda and her husband Adam and her mom and brother all came over for lunch. He is deployed and she went back home to Indiana so I'm all alone this year.

Before I go to bed I read a couple chapters of Chicken Soup for the Soul; Devotional Stories for Women. I love it! It is really opening my eyes to things. I highly suggest it!

Prayer requests-
All the men and women serving in the military. More specifically Jeremy and Donald
All the families of fallen soldiers/airmen that have to deal with picketers. (story)
All those that are lost spiritually


  1. Needless to say I wish you guys were home as well!

  2. Was that an April Fool's joke? haha JK!


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