02 March 2010

"I guess that's what we signed up for right?!"

Well I decided to start this blog so that family can keep up with us! I have been missing family alot lately! Hoping that everyone misses us too... here it goes!

When Jeremy told me that we were going to be stationed in Nebraska (over the phone) I think we both made the same face (squishy). But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. We were going to SIX hours away from our family. That's good and bad! Good because it's our first base and so when we get homesick we can come home for the weekend. Bad because it's Nebraska. But the good outweighed the bad and we moved with a smile!

Two days after we got here it snowed EIGHT inches!! Yikes! We knew it was going to be interesting! Summer was great, fall was nice but winter was NOT fun! It snowed ALOT and the roads were VERY icey! But the sun has been shining for the past few days and that means SPRING IS COMING!! I can't wait! Spring them summer!

And not to be the bearer of bad news, or to jinx us, but orders come out this month! Last month there was a posting of bases that needed people, so they put in for where they wanted to go and if they get "accepted" they will find out this month! We are hoping to go somewhere else. We were excited for the military life so we could travel! Nebraska wasn't exactly our dream vacation! He can still get orders at any time, they will just be unexpected (which is fine too!!)

Lately not much has been going on. Jeremy has a 24/7/365 job so he always has weird hours. Currently he is working 3-11. Which isn't bad.. until I get a real job (with real hours) then I won't ever see him! If I have to work at 8 I'll be in bed by 11 and gone before he wakes up :( But I guess that's what we signed up for right?! (You'll probably hear that alot in my blog)

We are starting a new work out! It's called P90X! We have heard very good reviews about it, and when I won it in an online sweepstake.. we were SO excited to get started! Of course then I got sick for 2 weeks (nothing serious just a bad combo of sinus' and a cold). Jeremy started last week but I finally got to start yesterday! I am pretty sore but sticking with it, and I'm so proud of Jeremy for being good and sticking with it! He hasn't had a diet pepsi in days!!!!! So the countdown in on!! 89 more days and I'll be looking great and 84 more for Jeremy!! :)

I have finished my schooling, but STILL haven't received my certificate so I can't start looking for a job. So I guess I don't have to worry about a real job just yet. It's getting frustrating and I make lots of phone calls about it but it's a goose chase. So please keep that in your prayers!

And by the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROMAN!! Jeremy can't believe you're FIVE!! WOO HOO!!

And I guess I will end my blogs with my prayer requests! Thanks for joining me family!! We love you all!!

Please keep in your prayers:
  • Grandpa Dunbar and his back.. taking toooo long for recovery! And Grandma Gina that she can keep up with taking care of him! :)
  • Donald (my oldest brother) and his family... he left for his THIRD deployment on Sunday. Luckily this one is only for 7 months and not 15!!

Sorry if I forgot anything, I'm trying to focus but while I'm typing this I'm watching the drama-filled Grey's Anatomy lol
And sorry if this is a boring blog, it will be more useful when we have kids and we can post funny stories and pictures! I'm just starting it now so we can keep in touch with everyone now and look back later!

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  1. ..this is Donald's second deployment, not third, crazy!


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