19 March 2010


Here are the pictures of our cupcakes! My friend, Christie, and I made them. They were so much fun to make! We had extras so I brought them to Jeremy at work for everyone and they asked if they were gay pride cupcakes... :( NO!! They aren't gay pride cupcakes! That's just the order you have to go in, or the colors won't look as good! ..trust me :P

This is the outside!! Before I dug in to the yummy goodness!

This is the cupcake in the middle!

This one was toward the end of the batch... I didn't do a very good job of distributing the batter so we had more of some colors :P

I do hope our family is reading our blog! Leave me some comments people!!! :D I would love to know your thoughts on our life! haha
Love you all!!!

Please pray for all of our military men and women! That the deployed will get to come home to their family's and the not-deployed aren't taking being home for granted!


  1. they do work!! I seen the recipe on family fun I think...I tried to leave a comment the other day and it didn't work, but it is today!!!
    Jeremy - gay cupcakes...whatever, bet they ate them!!


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