07 March 2010

Babysitting adventure!

Yesterday I got to babysit Mr. Brennen Vickers!! His daddy and Jeremy work together. I'm not sure how old he is.. I'm going to say 3 months or so. His jean size was 0-3 months so around that. He is so cute!! And it doesn't take much to make him smile! :) He even smiled when I wiped his mouth! I'm guessing mommy does something funny when she wipes his mouth LOL He is a baby that LOVES attention. And I got the impression that Linsay (mommy) puts him in one of those carriers that you see people use at the zoo (not a sling) alot. He likes to be held right there and he just likes to be held, and not while you're sitting down! But I knew that he loves to watch the ceiling fan so that was helpful while I was eating supper! Jeremy was holding him (BELIEVE IT OR NOT) while I got supper and he fell asleep when I was getting his bottle, so as soon as I was done eating Jeremy handed him over (Yea.. it didn't last long) and I was telling Jeremy to close the door so that when Linsay and Ricky came home WallE wouldn't bark and wake Brennen up.. but of course I woke him up when I said "Jeremy".
He was a great baby! He got fussy when he needed his diaper changed and when he wanted to watch the ceiling fan! He was pretty easy! I think that little 4 (or so) hour adventure didn't help my arguement to have kids any time soon! Jeremy got mad when he was trying to watch a movie and Brennen was crying ha! I'm like oh great! He is soo not ready... And he didn't even do anything to help!! I'm the one that got his bottles ready. I'm the one that held him (except for Jeremy's 5 minute helping hand) and I'm the one that changed him! I just sigh! haha Jeremy is in for a ride (in 2 or 3 years of course!) Gotta love him! Of course babysitting is totally different than having your own kids because you know what works for them and you have all those gadgets to keep them busy while you step away!

I worked yesterday from 9-4 and started babysitting at 5:15. So I couldn't get my workout in yesterday. Today is day 7 and it says to either rest or do the stretch DVD. So I guess instead of resting or stretching I'm going to be doing yesterday's workout!

I don't think I have any other exciting news.. I do want to share my sister-in-laws blog though. My neice and nephew are SOO funny! I'll share one story- while Mandy was writing her blog Braeden came downstairs, when they were supposed to be sleeping, and was upset because "sissy doesn't love me"! They are best friends! She always posts pictures of them sleeping together or doing stuff together! Here is my favorite picture of them!

And this one is another example of them being besties!

They were posing for daddy!

Which brings me to my prayer requests-
  • Please pray for Donald, getting through his classes and getting to Iraq safely (kind of an oximoron!)
  • Please pray for everyone that is sick.. including Uncle Doug and myself. I actually got a full nights sleep last night without waking up and coughing for 30 minutes!
  • Please pray for my Aunt Sandra.. she is in a 26.2 mile marathon. At this exact moment she has about 12 miles left and has a big blister and gave her electrolyte tab to someone that had a cramped up leg! She also has a list on her arm.. she is praying for someone at every mile! She has such a big heart!

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  1. Your kids are adorable! ANd I am keeping everyone in my prayers


    S.S. DOBBS


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