15 March 2010


I am so happy tonight!!! I got home from a pretty mellow, nothing-exciting day at work, I let WallE out and he goes sprinting across the street (like always) because he knows we're going to check the mail (don't worry, I stop him so I can look for cars) and guess what was in there.... [drum roll] MY CERTIFICATE!!! I can now officially start my search for a Dental Assistant job!!! I have the next 2 days off and I'm job searching like crazy!! I have a list of ALL the close dental offices (some are not close but that's life) and I'm going to put my GPS to full use tomorrow! :) Jeremy was on top of it when I called him and told me to email him my resume and he printed it off for me! :D Love him! Now that will save me time tomorrow, instead of going to the library and printing off a ton of copies.

I am going to ENJOY my 2 days off, well because this is my weekend and I don't have another day off until next Tuesday. I am going to make cupcakes and deliver them to friends! They are going to be so cute! I'll share the recipe..


I'm so excited!

Please pray for Donald, being safe in Iraq!
And just throw me in to your prayer list for my job search! That someone will give me the chance since I have no experience..

Thanks! Love you all!!! :)

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  1. congrats on your certificate...any leads yet??


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