27 July 2012

9 weeks

This is silly but I can't believe he's only 9 weeks old. 9 seems like a small number, and it seems like he's been melting my heart for a lot longer than that!
He's such a good boy! I couldn't ask for anything more! There aren't any significant milestones for this week. Just a happy happy boy!

He's getting SO big! He's just as adorable as can be! On the 19th he had his 2 month appointment. He weighed 12 pounds, 6 ounces (67 percentile) he was 22 3/4 inches long (45%) and his head was 15 3/4 inches (64%)! Above average. He's getting more and more rolls every day!
He had to get shots after his appointment. He did pretty well with them, luckily she was quick. He cried a cry I'd never heard before but he stopped when I was able to pick him up (which melted my heart!).
He wore a daddy shirt on Jeremy's birthday

He sleeps almost all day at daycare. I drop him off around 7:15 each day and pick him up at 5. He is awake about 3 hours the whole day. I don't think it's anything to be concerned about, but I do joke about him being narcoleptic. He rarely spits up, only when he gets laid down after eating. And he is a good burper, when he wants to. Sometimes he doesn't burp right away but if you walk and carry him on your shoulder he'll let out a really good burp. He gets the hiccups every few days, which has significantly decreased from every day!

The chair in my bedroom that I nurse him in is right beside the tall dresser that has the TV on it, and when he's nursing he watches the TV. Sometimes he forgets why he's there and I have to put my hand between his eyes and the TV :)

Everything he does is SO CUTE! I just love him!

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