08 July 2012

7 weeks

Today I was looking at pictures of Richie and I can't believe how much he has changed in just 7 weeks!






Wow! He's getting so big so fast! With each with comes an improvement/change..
I think they started around 3 weeks.. from 3-4 weeks he had a growth spurt and was nursing around the clock. At week 4 that stopped and it became a little more consistent.. about ever hour and a half. At week 5 he went from Newborn diapers to size 1 and he was introduced to his crib. He would sleep there until the first time he woke up to eat, then I put him in the swing or bassinet. At week 6 he started sleeping in his crib full time because I went back to work. I would've kept him in my room for convenience but he's such a noisy sleeper I can't do it.

We've also made some major strides in sleeping. The first night home he didn't want to be put down, he just wanted to be held. So my mom and I took shifts holding and sleeping. The second night he slept all night (11-5) with his Popeye (Jeremy's dad). Then was waking up a quite a bit to eat. I couldn't put him in the bassinet or he'd cry so he slept in the swing. I told Jeremy that I don't care how much batteries are, they are worth it if he sleeps! He used to wake up if I put him down when he fell asleep during the day, which made it really hard to eat, clean, let WallE out.. do anything! But now he will stay asleep. Also at week 6 it was no longer a procedure to put him down for bedtime. I used to have to pat his back and sway side to side. Then the patting got lighter until I stopped, but still swaying. Then I swayed him until he landed in bed where I would put my hands around him tight and slowly release one hand, then the other. And that didn't always work right away. Now I can put him down and he's out. Hallelujah! :)

We went to Texas June 22-28. It was so good to get out of the house, but I was glad to be back too! It's his norm and he wasn't ready to be out of his norm yet. He sure did love seeing his Popeye and Grandbob! I got to do some shopping so it was good :) That was my first time flying, and I did it with a newborn baby! He was so good though! On the way there he only woke up once for about 30 seconds to cry then went right back to sleep unil we landed. On the way home he slept the whole time, until we landed. He's such a good boy!!

I'm very fortunate to have a good baby and thank the Lord every day for that! It would be really hard to have a difficult baby and do it alone!

Jeremy is doing good, I think he's getting adjusted to being there finally. I think it helps that I'm back to work so he doesn't have to split up his evenings between getting off work at 6, eating, working out, talking to me and getting to sleep at a decent time to get up at 4:45.
We sure do miss him! I know WallE does. I feel bad, I never wanted to leave WallE out but I know he feels that way. It doesn't help that he wants to go outside EVERY time the neighbors come home. He acts like the sky is going to fall if he doesn't go outside. It's ridiculous and really annoying! Especially when I'm trying to nurse Richie.
I try to play with him while Richie is having tummy time.

We have had a few visitors. Elissa came up on June 1st.

Mom and Sherry came up on June 10th and left on the 12th.

Then Janet and Luke came up on June 29th and left on July 1st. Everyone has been a really big help! When "the moms" were up we made freezer meals and that has been a HUGE help! I couldn't even open the fridge without Richie waking up.. so there wasn't any time to make more than a sandwich. A couple times I actually forgot to eat. He would wake up and I would nurse him then I was so tired I went to sleep and didn't realize that I never actually had supper until midnight when I'm nursing him and my stomach is growling.. not good!

Richie is doing good at daycare. He sleeps about 3-4 hours then wakes up for an hour and goes back to sleep. I asked them to wake him up ever 3 hours because he slept from 1040-4 on his second day! He was still tired that night but he was extra hungry but he couldn't stay awake long enough to eat, so we nursed, slept for 30 minutes, nursed for 5 minutes, slept for 30... you get the idea. That was exhausting!

Speaking of sleep.. it's time for this momma to get some! :)

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