18 July 2012

8 weeks

Richie is getting so chunky! I love it!! It gives me a huge feeling of accomplishment! It's a great feeling knowing that I did that!
Daycare has been going good. The girls all love him! They are always calling him handsome. I can't call them liars! He's such a good boy! They were pretty concerned that he didn't poop very often. By very often I mean every 5 days. But I think he's starting to go back to "normal", even though it is normal for breast fed babies to go up to 10 days without pooping. I had to educate them of that :P

He goes to bed around 8-8:30 then wakes up around 2 then again in a couple hours but usually not to eat, just to get cuddled by momma. If he does wake up to eat around 4 then he wakes up after he hears me and WallE up and getting around. Otherwise he will wake up around 5 to eat then go back to sleep until I wake him up to get ready for school. He's such a good boy. I really can't complain, AT ALL! .. Well about him anyways! WallE has been acting out lately. It's a lot to take in so I'm trying to remember his feelings. I'm hoping that it turns around for him soon. I know he misses his daddy.

I'm trying to keep us normal every evening. When we get home I only have about 15-20 minutes to get something to eat and then eat before Richie is done being in the bouncy seat. It's not that he wants anything but he is in the swing and bouncy seat all day at school so he doesn't want to come home to be in them too. I get that so I try not to but sometimes I just have no other choice. I'll be glad when Jeremy gets home so I don't have to tip toe around or carry him just to do laundry so he's not crying. I never thought I would be that type of mom. I thought I would just let them cry. Until I'm in that position. There's no reason a baby should cry and not be comforted. A baby is looking for comfort, trust and love. It's stressful if they feel like they need to scream just to feel loved. If he gets older and doesn't want to sleep through the night, we might try the cry it out method by going in after 5 minutes of crying to pat his back and comfort him, then 6 minutes later, then 7 minutes later.. you get the idea.

We are continuing to learn from each other and work around each other. He has stolen my heart and I absolutely LOVE being a mom!

7/14/12 8 Weeks!!

 He is leaning against 2 boppys and he fell asleep watching me do the laundry :) I had to snap a picture before putting him in the swing

 SMILE!! I LOVE his smile!

Big boy!! He's so precious! He has had a strong neck since he was born

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