06 August 2012

10 weeks

Well Our 10th week was pretty exciting. On Monday Richie had a fever that got up to 101.3 at daycare and his pediatrician told me when he was born to take him to the ER for anything over 101, so I did. They didn't get that high of a temp, they got 100.3 which is what I got that morning. They drew blood, got a urine sample, swabbed his throat and did a chest x-ray and nothing came back positive so they said its probably just a virus and told me to keep giving him Tylenol. So he spent the rest of the day sleeping. He wasn't throwing up or anything, just had a fever, thank goodness! He got rid of his fever and was back to normal in a couple days.
Him having it and me cuddling him, made me have it! Mine was a little worse though. I left work early on Friday to go home and rest before I had to tend to Richie, so I slept only for an hour before I woke up sweating and just couldn't get comfortable enough to get back to sleep. So I got a few things done around the house and went and got him. He was really good for me (like always) and he was asleep by 830 so that's when I went to bed too. He woke up in the middle of the night so I fed him and he went back to sleep until 6:15. So I went in to get him and when I was changing his diaper I felt light headed so I sat on the floor. He didn't have a diaper on so I got on my knees to finish putting it on him. I don't remember the next part but I fainted and apparently tried to catch myself by grabbing the changing table (stupid!) and I took it with me (with him on it). I woke up (immediately after falling) to him crying above my head and the changing table on top of me. I don't know why my initial reaction was to feed him but I grabbed the bottle that he didn't quite finish a few hours prior and gave it to him and he stopped crying, so I knew he was okay. I took him into my room and put him on my bed and he was waiving his arms, kicking his legs and smiling so I knew for sure he was okay but I was scared to death still. I tried calling almost everyone I know up here. Okay not quite everyone but at the time it seemed like it. No one was answering. I can't say I blame them.. It was 6:30 on a Saturday morning! Finally someone called me back and she said she would take us to the ER. We went and they asked me if he cried right away and I said yes and that's about all they did for him. They were concerned about me so they hooked me up to an IV and did an EKG, they also swabbed my throat and drew my blood looking for a reason for my fever of 101.9. Nothing came back positive for me either. So I asked why I fainted and he said not enough blood to my brain.
I know happens when you stand up too fast but I've rolled out of bed a lot faster than that before and from a dead sleep (I was awake already when he started crying because I heard him making noise but I was waiting to see if he'd go back to sleep) but I guess with the addition of my fever it wasn't good. 
That has happened to me a couple times before but It was probably 10 years ago. It was really scary this time because I have a baby and I could've hurt him! Luckily we're both okay. 

Richie really started talking that morning at the ER. I just couldn't believe how much he was talking! He's been doing it ever since! :) and, not that I want to, but I can't get him to stop smiling! He got "grounded" from his mobile the other night because he was smiling at it instead of sleeping! Hehe which is my fault because I play it in the morning to wake him up while I'm getting his clothes and diaper ready for the day. So I moved it to the changing table and he's loving it! 
He really likes to sit up. Not that he can do it on his own or anything but he doesn't like to lay down, just wants to sit. I've also been working with him on standing. He's getting the hang of it and loving that also. He's soo sweet, he knows he's doing good and just smiles! 

This weeks started out a little strange, he wouldn't put himself to sleep. He would wake up and cry instead, but if I picked him up he would go right to sleep. I eventually put a blanket under one side and under his head so he wasn't just laying flat and that did the trick.

That's about all I've got for this week!

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