29 June 2011

summer so far!

Last weekend we had a very enjoyable time in Topeka with Luke and Janet. Friday night we stayed in Topeka at the Candlewood Suites.. It wasn't our dream hotel but we just needed somewhere to sleep and it was cheap! The boys headed out early to play some golf while Janet and I laid in bed for a little bit longer before going shopping!
We stopped at an acupuncture massage place in the mall... All we could say was "ouch!" We weren't really expecting that, we just wanted massages. Then some more shopping until we went and got a pedicure! Then more shopping (it sounds like we did alot of shopping but we didn't buy much) then went and got the guys from the golf course which was right by our hotel for Saturday.
Saturday we stayed at the Prairie Band Casino/Resort. Luke won a one night's stay for 4 people. The prize included $50 each off our bills (practically free after that!) and 4 free lunch buffet's! The boys were glad they had a hot tub, so we visited it a couple times. We decided that we are going to meet half way (Topeka) every year. When we move to Texas, we will have to find a new meeting place!

One thing we agreed to do is try a new restaurant each month. April we had Mark's in Dundee for Stephanie B's birthday. Jeremy had chicken lasagna (his was the best) and I had Mac-n-Cheese. It sounds funny but it had 5 different cheeses! It was good too :)
In May we had Caraba's for the rehersal dinner for Danielle and Pat's wedding. It was really good! We both really liked the appetizer salad and we both had Chicken Parm that we enjoyed (better than the Chicken Parm at the Casino/Resort!)
June's new restaurtant was the casino's restaurant Thee Fires. They had good ranch and good spinach artichoke dipe..

We might have to skip July's new restaurant since Jeremy will be in Georgia for 3 weeks for accounting school. He's such a stinker, he gets to do all the traveling while I'm stuck in Nebraska!

Happy 4th of July!!

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