10 June 2010

Vacation & more!

We had a really great time on vacation! Most people wouldn't call going to Kansas for a week a vacation, but we do!
A week is a whole lot better than a couple days! We did get to see all of our family, which is what I was hoping for! We also saw all of our close friends! We would have loved to spent more time with everyone but there is so many of you that we couldn't possibly!
WallE slept from the moment we got in the car to go home until Tuesday morning! And I'm not kidding! He was SOO tired! I didn't mind though, because I had laundry to do and did some all the packing for Jeremy! Okay okay.. he did pack his own uniforms! :P

Since we've been back a lot has gone on! He left Monday morning for Virginia. If you know Jeremy you know he is being a social bug and not just sitting in his hotel room! So he's having fun, I think! He has spent a lot of time in the hot tub, too! He loves hot tubs!

After I dropped him off I headed straight to the dentist. I got a filling and he filled and shaved down a sharp edge on the next tooth that we are going to work on. Well that really irritated it!! I was in some pain on Tuesday then I didn't get any sleep that night because I was in so much pain! It was awful! So he squeezed me in and fixed it. I do have to get a root canal on that one (yes, that'll be my second root canal in a month). I'm just looking for the right time. I had one scheduled for the 22nd but that is a "surgery week" at my NEW JOB *bells* *chimes* whistles* *hollering* and so it'll be impossible to take off work! But I'll get in! No worrying! :)

So yes, I have a new job!! I work at Eye Specialists office! It's kinda weird.. (the title). There are 5 total doctors. One of them is part time [every other week] and the other 4 are full time. The part time doctor is our only surgeon, so when he is there we are very very busy! My first week there is a surgery week, so I'm anxious to see how it goes next week LOL But I like it there. The girl that's training me, Natalie, she is really cool and very helpful. Unfortunately she'll be gone at the beginning of July!! EEK! But that's okay, we'll manage... I hope! :)

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