19 June 2010

Thoughtless Thursay- absent

Jeremy has the camera in Virginia, so I'm not doing Thoughtless Thursday for right now.. It'll be back soon though :)

Nothing exciting lately. I don't think I mentioned this before, but our friend Ali had her baby last Friday! June 11 at 3:59 Mr. Jayden Troy LeVan was born!! He's so cute! He's going to be a ladies man! It's been a week now and he has changed their life so much and he is such a blessing.
She had a perfect labor and a healthy baby and it makes me want one even more! Her water broke around 1:30 and he was here by 4! She didn't even have time to accept or turn down the epidural.
So tonight they are having a BBQ so everyone can meet him! Of course I've already met him! I went to the hospital and I've checked up on mommy and baby at home, while daddy was at work!

My good friend Shannon and her daughter Kenzie came over last night! We watched a movie and had a little slumber party! It was fun.  WallE likes Kenzie.. she is 18 months old and so she gives him food, so why wouldn't he love her?  Shannon watched WallE when we went to Kansas City a couple months ago and she said they switched food. WallE was eating her cereal and she was eating his dog food! :O   Until Shannon saw it and she switched the food back LOL

Jeremy is headed to Virginia beach today! LUCKY!! I want to be there so bad. It's a dreary day here.

Work is still going great! I'm catching on pretty quickly! Needless to say by Friday I have a headache because my brain needs a break!  So I'm enjoying my weekend.

I hope all of our wonderful family is having a good summer so far!! We love you all!!

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