20 June 2010

Crockpot fun!

I realized that I've had my crockpot for a year and a half and hadn't used it once! So I dug through the internet and some recipes that I have and made Hashbrown Casserole on Friday! I had a good friend of mine, Shannon, and her daughter over for supper. They loved it! I thought it needed some sausage or some more flavor. Her 18 month old daughter couldn't eat fast enough! :)

Then I broke it out Saturday to make some mac-n-cheese! Ali and Chris had a BBQ to celebrate Jayden's arrival. Which is a great idea so that people can come see him at once and she doesn't have to worry about people coming to see them at random times A.K.A. during mommy's nap time. The mac-n-cheese was really good! I LOVE home-made mac-n-cheese! My grandma makes the best, but this is a deserving second place.  I also made 1-2-3's and those are always a hit! Everyone loves those! Even Mr. "I'm on a diet"

It's been rainy and stormy this week and it's still stormy. It's a perfect day to get some dusting and vacuuming done! I didn't know Jeremy got so behind on dusting ;)

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