03 January 2014

January 2014

We have been living in Texas since late October and we're LOVING it! Richie had a great time trick-or-treating! We pushed him in his car and he had a great time picking out candy. He was the cutest monkey in Texas!
We went to Kansas for Thanksgiving and ended up staying all of December. We got really good bonding time with Rylea. She started cruising furniture shortly after seeing Richie walking all over the place. They love each other. Richie woke up every morning saying "Sissy?" It was cute, they wore each other out! Richie was sleeping until 8:30!

He had a great Christmas! We woke up and had Christmas with Janet, Luke and Rylea. Then headed to Wichita, we were only there a short while before we had to leave but I'd drive all that way just to get a hug from everyone! Then we went to Bucka and Papa's. There was a TON of people there and we had a TON of fun!! It was so good to see everyone! I love our families! We got to see grandma Karen quite a bit too! Richie has a new friend... Uncle Donald! He loved playing with him! The Tickle Mouse was his favorite!! And bouncing on the air mattress!

We came back to Texas on the 3rd. Richie got sick in the car on the way back, and after a hot mess on the Braum's bathroom floor, twice, we finally made it back safe and sound! Richie was very very happy to see his Bob Bob!! He wouldn't leave her side!

Have a happy New Year everyone!!

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