19 April 2011

quick update

There's not a whole lot to update.

We got new neighbors on Sunday. He is a military cop, not sure what she does. They have 2 dogs (german shepherd and a lab, I think) and WallE just wants to go outside and play with them... here we go again! On Sunday all he did was whine because he wanted to be outside because they were. He sure misses the old neighbor dog, Kallie!

I've been taking on some more responsibility at work. Nothing major, just being asked to do more tasks and it feels good. I hope they see potential in me! I've been learning alot about eyes too, obviously! Meibomitis = inflamation of the oil glands! Yep... :)

Jeremy's getting everything finished for the new motorcycle... he had to take a class so that he could ride it on base. He will be finished with that tomorrow.

We have been going to a new church. We like it so far. It's been an interesting journey looking for a church. Especially since we both really like Hillcrest Bible Baptist Church.

Happy Easter everyone!! Remember the reason for the season!

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