08 July 2010

4th of July

We had a really fun 4th of July weekend! I had to work Saturday morning but when I came home we already had company and Jeremy was working hard on smoking the pork!

We had a lot of people over! We played cornhole, watched the UFC fights and ate good food! Then we lit fireworks for a little bit! It was a lot of fun!!

On Saturday night we went to Shannon's dads house and had MORE pork and MORE fireworks!! Then we went to Chris and Ali's and lit MORE fireworks!! They were just sitting at home and that's no fun on the 4th!! (We did that last year so we know how it feels. No one around here has fireworks shows on the 4th.. they are all on the 3rd- lame!)

We had so much fun!! We both had Monday off work also! We just hung out and enjoyed being off work! Of course it wasn't any fun waking up Tuesday morning after sleeping in a little!

Work for me has been busy busy busy!! At first it's overwhelming but you learn to how to handle it. Today I was checking in 3 patients at one time. Checking in isn't just putting a check mark on their chart.. it's scanning their insurance cards into the computer, putting the insurance info into their profile in the computer, updating personal info, collecting copays and initialing everything that you do. whew! But it's fun! I'm still enjoying it! I enjoyed getting my first-ever 80 hour paycheck today too!! :D Makes me feel all adult-like!

And WallE is WallE.. ROTTEN! but very glad his daddy is home!

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